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Hi everybody.
If your looking for a trusted cheap subscription here’s your guy.

Put Free Tech in the Email to get the best prices.
His Email Is : kevdaniels531@gmail.com

Price list: 1 Month IPTV [No Adult] £10

1 Month IPTV [Adult] £10

1 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] £15

1 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] £15

6 month ALL Channels (NO ADULT) £20

6 month ALL Channels (ADULT) £20

6 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] *Multiroom* £40

6 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] *Multiroom* £40

6 Month VOD Only [Adult] £20

6 Month VOD ONLY [No Adult]£20

6 months ALL CHANNELS + VOD (ADULT)£30

6 months ALL CHANNELS + VOD ( NO ADULT) £30

6 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] – ZGemma Recording Enabled £35

6 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] – ZGemma Recording Enabled £35

12 month ALL CHANNEL + VOD (ADULT) £45

12 month ALL CHANNEL + VOD ( NO ADULT)£45

12 month ALL CHANNEL ( NO ADULT) £35

12 month ALL CHANNEL ( ADULT) £35

12 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] *Multiroom* £70

12 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] *Multiroom*£70

12 Month IPTV&VOD [Adult] – ZGemma Recording Enabled £65

12 Month IPTV&VOD [No Adult] – ZGemma Recording Enabled £65

Any problems you may have contact myself or the supplier.

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  1. peter russell says

    Thank you very much for advice ,once again.Please keep doing the videos mate.

  2. Avaniece King says

    What happens if I already paid the 5.49 before emailing the guy. I was a little confused and thought I need to pay to activate first. Please help

  3. David Smith says

    Looks good but all I want is uk ?? and USA ?? channels only with a TV guide epg at a very cheap cost if anyone knows of this please let me know

  4. Chris Howley says

    Thanks for video, do you know if this service is still available, have emailed several times with no reply

  5. McGurk84 says

    Is this still good paid this fuck Jd-subs off facebook for a year subs. And hes fucked off. Need something i can trust

  6. Gordon Beaney says

    I got my iptv subscription from the other guy you recommended. Have I got anything to worry about as your recommending a new person? I’ve had a few problems with channels not working or pictures being fuzzy. Also please can you recommend a VPN service that works with iptv? I’ve tried VPNUnlimited & IPVanish VPN which both blocks the iptv? Thanks in advance.

  7. keith Monty says

    As this Kevin you recommend gone out of business he doesn't want to know

  8. keith Monty says

    Sent email last week for subscription but no reply

  9. keith Monty says

    Thanks for your troubles I'm waiting for a reply from someone else at the moment i will see what
    That brings,once again thank you

  10. Mike Knapek says

    Do you get sky box office in HD?

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