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Per your request, this is Episode 1 of the best paid IPTV services to help you cut the cord!! Set TV Now has the premium channels: HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and PPV. It also has the sports packages: NBA TV, NFL, MLB, ESPN. You have to check this out!!

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  1. Eric DT says

    Do you know the code for the adult channels?

  2. Carmen Ruth Towles says

    I have been using Setv for a month now. Fight was perfect at no additional charge. Love it! How do you get the tv app interface? I like this one better as well. And as an fyi,regarding, catch up; they need additional licensing for this feature. I was curious as well so I asked them. 🙂

  3. Ca Sav says

    Please add the following paid IPTV services to your review list: *Gears TV *Goodfellas TV *Xtreme LEDTV *Vader Streams *Nitro TV *The Players Klub I'm trying to decide between the top 4 listed.
    Thanks for any info

  4. Brent Underwood says

    i use the apk app but today they came out with a new setvnow box! check them out it works awesome!!!

  5. Brent Underwood says

    just to add i use firetv with the apk app and have no problems, I watchd the Pay-Per-View fight Saturday night with perfect quality picture in 1080P with no buffering no nothing perfect as you can get for a picture through the whole thing sign up for the 3-day trial now it'll be worth it thanks for your time!

  6. bin veto says

    i doweled it to give it a try hope its good and ty for the video keep it up  ??

  7. Rand Burg says


  8. Tim Williams says

    Is there a way to save movies from kodi to the Amazon fire stick..give you the option but won't save is there another way to do it. Besides just the stream?

  9. Brent Underwood says

    Hey Triple M I just shared this with like 30 different people and they're all interested in that setv I got them come over this weekend and checking it out and then sign up for 3-day free trial

  10. Michael Temple says

    set tv sucks and the customer service is even worse. Pissed me off so bad, I deleted free trail 1.5 days early

  11. Mytoya Garcia says

    I just started the free trial and the searching is different from yours. Is there away to have it look just like this on my firestick?

  12. Dedstik says

    I'm having good luck with Set. Their CS isn't too bad but you need to be persistent and patient.

  13. Patrick Kinney says

    Triple m…i have a question….i have a minix u9-h and setv won't work when I have ipvanish on any suggestions?

  14. Miss Collins Collins says

    How you put this on a fire stick

  15. Everything Kodi says


  16. Daryl V. Smith says

    I have this interface also but I see it be a pain having to hit the Back button in order to view the EPG in Settings. Do you have a quicker way to get back to the EPG using Nvidia Shield? How'd you get your speed so high? I know you said that 33 speed wasn't accurate but it's higher than mine and mine is hooked up via Ethernet. Thanks.

  17. Garrell Freeman says

    I have set and a lot of the channels don't work for me. also, I think the epg is terrible!!

  18. Roger Lacroix says

    Ok but how do we install the set tv apk on our device you did not explain that ?

  19. Reggie Coleman says

    Wa$$up Bo$$, how many devices can you run off the $20 account???

  20. Hector Benitez says

    Do you know the url so I can download the app. I paid for the service and I can't install the app

  21. Mytoya Garcia says

    Ok so I am doing the free trail. What I am seeing is I can't get my local news or the weather so Wisconsin. Does anyone on bere have a full subscription and if so do you have your local news and weather?

  22. Mytoya Garcia says

    Ok I see on here my time my city and weather but how can you change it from Celsius to Fahrenheit? Also idk if it's just because it's the free trail but some of the channel's are glitchy and freezes.

  23. Randy Harris says

    I have both SET TV and GEARS… GEARS is cool but some channels are down and you only can play on one device but with SET TV you can play on 3 devices and no down channels. Both services work out fine for me.

  24. Reggie Coleman says

    cool, thanks Bro

  25. kevin prince says

    Sling tv is more better

  26. Tony Carey says

    Hey Trip! I'm currently one week into a monthly subscription. The channels keep freezing especially on the UK channels. Currently using Mobdro. It's not good pal. Leave this one alone. Peace out bud ✌️

  27. Triple M says

    Guys here is the page to sinn up for the FREE trial (no payment info required): https://tinyurl.com/ydyhykyq

    Once they get their code, they can download the apps here: http://app.setv.ca/

    For Amazon firestick users, download the "downloader" app the put in the URL above

    Let me know how you like this service….

  28. Ken Mcmaster says


  29. Ken Mcmaster says


  30. Kwame Offei says

    hello Triple M, can you do a ranking of your top 10 android boxes?

  31. Dirk Wetzel says

    I use LEDTV which is awesome. Great CS. check them out on FB. I have the free trial of Settv but the catch-up isn't working. Is that because it's a trial? Is it included when you purchase a sub?

  32. David Wedding says

    I have had it since March. It was great in the beginning but it is now a real disappointment. Channels freeze all the time and then go black! They make it hard to get someone to talk to and when you do they give you nothing but grief.

  33. SUPER K5 says


  34. Mytoya Garcia says

    Triple M I went on FB looking to see if Set TV have a page. There are a few groups so I joined two. One of the groups asked me if my free trial was over yet. I told her yes then she gave me a link to get started then she asked me once I was done to give her my order #. Do people get money if they refer people thru a link?

  35. Tom C says

    I really love the MisFit Mods Lite Build v3.3. He put a great selection of Live TV in this build and all of the stations work great. Anything from premium channels light HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime to The Weather Channel, TBS, CW and local news by all 50 states. It is small and compact, which is great for the FireStick TV as well. I have not had any problems with this build at all and I am currently using it on all of my TVs right now.

  36. Mytoya Garcia says

    Triple M can you do a video about Sling Tv? A lot of people on fb saying they like it and it's better then Set TV.

  37. bobby roode215 says

    do u vpn while watching n using this

  38. Doomsick says

    Can't be legal.

  39. Set TV is terrible in my opinion. Not the worse iptv service I've tried but definalty not the best.
    The channels butter and many of them don't even work. And they don't have a Favorites menu. Having to browse through and remember channel numbers is very 1990s.
    They don't even have a Kodi addon.
    I was very disappointed with the 3 day free trial.

  40. TheAmandalocklear says

    I've had Set TV for about a month and it's not that good..only thing it is good for is to watch the fights..you can watch those without a problem at all ..but other than that not good, you get into a show and it just goes off and a direct TV symbol just bounces around!!

  41. Marc L says

    set t v the worst service I've had in my android t v box channels are not stable to much freeze and channels do not work 100% as they say the other videos on the network do not spend money on something that does not work 100% forgive me but is the real truth.

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