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If you are a new user to IPTV and want to Watch US TV then get the US TV IPTV service for very low price.

Channels like CW, FOX, HBO, CNN USA, TNT, CBS, CARTOON NETWORK, DISNEY XD, HGTV USA, CINEMAX plus the sports package options which include NBA, NFL, PAC 12, SKY MOVIES, SKY SPORTS and many more. Watch this video now to see some of the fantastic list
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  1. nabil rhanem says

    dose it have arabic chanels and bien sports

  2. nick west says

    Hi Hesham, I am looking for Arabic Channels since long time and most of the service providers thier links are not stable. So, please does it soultion covered Arabic Channels if you can post ur video about it if it's available


  3. xxsewacidexx says

    How much does it cost?

  4. Chemy Torres says

    A lot of good channels to enjoy.

  5. Chris Woodward says

    I signed up yesterday I am a bit disappointed some of the streams are of line. I am specially interested in sport and some of the BT sports channels were not working

  6. Jason Cleaver says

    Hi Hershey
    Do they have new servers as they were having issues few months ago.

  7. Elvis66 says

    Love the video Husham. Are they pretty reliable servers?

  8. boredblonde 2 says

    The list they were using just last week had Buzzr and other ota channels listed…well, I just signed up and guess what…they aren't there…well, it's only five bucks…

  9. Bob Brown says

    I was with them when they were in beta not long ago. I joined their group on Facebook. This service BLEW GIANT CHUNKS! All you had to do was go to their facebook page and see all the complaints. It was always, "we're working as fast as we can Players.." Horrible. I'm stickinig with SET TV NOW. Never let me down yet.

  10. Reynaldo Reyna says

    Does it have ppv

  11. Howard Surkin says

    I had signed up back in may or June and I am unable to get back in to the players club. I had put additional dollars in for 6 mo. But I have been unable to view the system. You are the best one to contact as far as I am concerned. What shall I do. I do not have twitter or Facebook just good old fashion email. Thanks in advance for your guidance.

  12. hugh albe says

    They are buffering and looping like crazy A good share of the time If you go to a post they open on facebook and say anything negative they boot you from group, Half the Admins joined The unofficial players klub and they also boot you for speaking truth. You say its only $5 a month so it is a get what you pay for IPTV service, Don't expect to much. I have had them from the days before they started charging and yes it was good way back when. only still with them due to way back you could add extra funds so I did that when it was good. To be 100% honest Mobdro is a much more stable IPTV service and free. Husham This will hurt you more than you think You should not of put your horse in this race. You already have half as many thumbs down as you have up. That tells a story in itself.

  13. Swifty Swift says

    This services channels go down so frequently not worth, its better to just get a bit higher priced service

  14. Reynaldo Reyna says

    Been trying to pay. ..but the website won't open

  15. Ken Mcmaster says


  16. Mar Lo says

    every time I​ attempt to purchase $5 option it states out of stock.

  17. Errol Walters says

    Is there any other way to pay apart from bit coins?

  18. thephily says


  19. Mr Grumpy says

    its to confusing where to pay

  20. Ken Mcmaster says


  21. doopledenger says

    rising tides iptv on kodi works better i think, hd and stable

  22. MrLaurochapa1 says

    Whoever wants a great iptv and VOD service 2 hour demo! Just tell me. This one is very reliable.

  23. manuel castro says

    the guide and the channels don't match my channel that i use for 80% of the time stars encore westerns can you tell me where did it change to!

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