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SET TV brings you the latest in digital technology and puts you in control of your viewing experience.

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Ask for the Husham IPTV offer so you can get the code quickly

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1 – T95V – PRO
2 – T95Z –
3 – Xiaomi Mi – bit.ly/mibox4k
4 – Amazon Fire –
5 – Leelbox Q2 –
6 – Aodin 4K –

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  1. Haley Dehart says

    I have this service running and this blows away anything I've ever seen for an apk! good job finding these guys husham.

  2. Edward Carrasco says

    Husham thank you for the info. Just signed up

  3. Harald Landwehr says

    I have filled out the contact sheet on the homepage and sent three E-Mails to those guys. No response at all for three days. Guess they are not interested in customers at all…

  4. Paul Hazelwood says

    hi ya and thanks for all great videos and helping us guy/ladys out.but how do i get on fire tv stick

  5. Jae F says

    Here is my experience with SET TV. People BEWARE…    I got set tv with their free 14 day trial. Day 1 I had a problem where many channels weren't coming in and many were not clear.  I called and the GUY (hes the owner and employee) told me it was because he was doing some updates and that the firestick is junk and I should get his box. Day 2 every 30 mins my screen would just  go black, but this was only happening on set tv no other apps. I called him again and he  told me this  time that it was because im using a  fire stick and that  no one  has issues unless they are using a fire stick. I told him that his app was the only one ive had any issues with and he told me that he has 57k customers and no one has issues except those people who are not using his box. I told him that I have been acting as a  sales person for him and telling every one about it and he told me that he doesn't give a F about me or my friends money and that he doesn't want our business and we can enjoy our free trial and then go F our selves.   Side note, A friend of mine who I told about SET TV called to get his code and the Guy told him he was driving and to call back in 15 mins.      If this is how he handles a simple tech support call how would you trust him to uphold his service or stand by his Boxes????   My impression of SET TV is that this is not a company but rather a kid who is hosting a streaming service collecting money and one day going to disappear and rip people off. I wouldn't trust him nor would I trust his box or service.

  6. Gavin Grieves says

    how on earth do you get on firestick.i have code.

  7. colotitlan1 says

    Man this service works like a charm no buffering so far like it!!!!!

  8. steve h says

    Quick question. I got the free trial. LOVE IT!! but one thing. Why does it go into a sleep mode after maybe 15-20 mins into watching a channel? Is that normal because it's a free trial? Or does it happen too with a paid account??? Please help. Thank you

  9. JMP says

    Is this better than direct tv now? how reliable is it and how long will this service be available for?

  10. mckenzie062006 says

    This is my first time trying to install APK on to fire stick, I see the link you have to download, how do I install on fire stick. Do you have a video on how to do this.

  11. Jim Rush says

    I Did someone post instructions on how to install on fire tv.

  12. ba sileye says

    cette vidéo que vous m avez envoyé est très intéressante,je n' ai pas encore de récepteur Android.cela ne se trouve pas encore sur le marché.je me débrouille en anglais si c était en langue de Molière saurait été mieu.

  13. Santos Rodriguez says

    how do you download it on the Nvidia shield?

  14. Bill Suffolk says




  16. CrazyCatLady says

    I'm using it on my Fire Stick and it works great, EXCEPT that EVERY 20 min. it goes to black screen. I have to click the ok button to get it going again. It does start up rather quickly, but is still annoying and miss some of a show. It is like it is on a timer or something. I've already turned off my screen saver and checked all my settings, so it has to be their app.

  17. mckenzie062006 says

    mind goes into sleep mode also, doesn't do it with Direct TV Now or Sony PlayStation Vue.

  18. Jay Meade says

    i need the code please

  19. Glenn Santa says

    I have had it for a week. I like it alot but I do have one problem. Live sports. The motion is very choppy with fast moving sports like hockey 🙁

  20. Matthew Hanes says

    price to high 20.00 for iptv services its not stable. but most services arent stable if you want live tv pay for cable its more stable then this crap iptv services offer

  21. Mark DeLanney Sr says

    Is this IPTV service legal? I was told that many of the IPTV services were not. Do they offer a reseller program with this service?

  22. Eduardo F says

    Without a doubt SET TV is the best iptv service … no buffering at all. Finally a real live tv with a great quality in HD.

  23. HanahSoftball says

    Great service! Stopped trial early and signed up so I could get this on two other devices. The EPG was a selling point. I'm hoping they keep making intuitive refinements…this launch is blowin' up!

    Keep it up SET! The only problem with coming out this hot – is you've raised our expectations. The CUBS didn't win the World Series in 108 years…now they're the odds on favorite in Vegas!

  24. SET TV NOW Sales says

    What device will SET TV NOW work on? Android box 5.1 or higher, Amazon firestick, Invidia shield and more. In addition SET TV NOW offers a top of the range set top box that outperforms any STB on the market and comes preloaded with SET TV NOW platform – Simply plug and play

    What is the cost? After the free trial its $20 per month for over 300 channels plus all the sports packages. Three codes are available with the paid service that can be used on three devices at same location.

    Is there additional channels available? Yes we currently have over 300 channels and will be expanding to over 1,000 in the next 30-60 days. If there is a channel you are looking for in the meantime, fill out the support form below and we will try and make it available

    How many devices can the free trial be installed on? 1 device, the free trial can not be installed on phones or tablets.

    How do I install SET TV NOW on Amazon Firestick? Instructions online at http://www.aftvnews.com/sideload/

    Amazon fire sleep issue? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.synetics.stay.alive&hl=en

    Does it work on Roku? Setv Now is not currently available on Roku. We are working on solution . In the mean time use android 5.1 or higher or order setvnow.com hd wireless box poreloaded with setv now service for plug and play fun. Order online at setvnow.com

    What are the specs on the SETV Now HD Wireless Reciever STB? Click here for specs

  25. SET TV NOW Sales says

    How do I install SET TV NOW on Amazon Firestick? Instructions online at http://www.aftvnews.com/sideload/

    Amazon fire sleep issue? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.synetics.stay.alive&hl=en

  26. SET TV NOW Sales says

    Thank You for your interest in SETV NOW! We respond to all emails within a few hours.; Check your spam filter if you do not see a response from us. Or contact us again directly by phone, email or online chat. We appreciate your business

  27. TEE LOVER says

    set tv the best ever,works greattt

  28. Patrick Harp says


  29. gustavo gonzalez says


  30. Daria Dalton says

    The firestick remote sucks and keeps blacking out after 20 minutes. So you need to download another program to keep it running. If you wanted to unlock adult TV you can't with the stick you would need to download a mouse app. And HD is listed everywhere and its NOT HD.

  31. Jimmy lee says

    Any videos on fire stick download,step by step????????????

  32. Jimmy lee says

    Is there one damn video that show in detail download to fire stick!

  33. Ron Kilby says

    I am 70 years old and have tried many a service but I must say this APK from Settv beats them all. Yes there are few bugs but giving time they will be work out. Think about it, for $20.00 a month you can not get a better deal anywhere and the service is top notch.

  34. Claudio Santana says

    Im on the 3 day trial sofar custumer service is an A+. the look and feel is that of regular sat tv. lots of grate channels to enjoy. my only complains are some chennels have no audio and others have no signal or vid input . when it comes to buffering not once im on a 75 mbs connection .i would like to see chennels from the dominican republic on the line up.so for 20$ would i recomend yes i would .let me not forget setup was soooo easy just type in the code you get and done

  35. Ali Reza Nikkhah says

    any turkish and iranian iptv?

  36. jay cam says

    this is an awful vid you dont show how to get it poor

  37. Jordan Turner says

    This is the best service for such a good price. It don't get any better than this.!!!!

  38. Brett Cole says

    they dont do the 14 day trail and it crashes contstanly – had it for 12 hours every time you put in a complant they ban you
    Look some place else

  39. Greg Blair says

    I just bought a Samsung UN60J6200 HD 1080p 120hz Smart LED HDTV and I'm wondering if the SET TV Receiver Box will work with this tv? I've heard their box might have some compatibility issues with some Samsung tvs. Thank you for your help.

  40. Frank Silva says

    If SeTV gets SPORTV1 with Portuguese League games let me know.

  41. Joe D'Onofrio says

    great service and support

  42. Aaron Weibel says

    Set TV at one time had the potential to be something great but that was months ago since then nothing but problems freezing, buffering,down channel's!! hell you name it! basically unwatchable! they have 500 channels you'll be lucky if you can watch 50 of them without problems! if you think you're going to buy it to watch MLB forget it! if you are itching to spend $20 use it to take your kids out at least get some enjoyment out of it because you won't if you buy a month of set TV!

  43. muskymcg says

    how for a year bud?

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