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These are the best Sports Addons on KODI, since SportsDevil and ProSport addons are not working. These alternatives not only are great but they also work even better than the previous addons!

If you want to watch Live Sports on KODI, then these all are must have addons, with Live Sport Events and Games / Matches. You can even watch Sports TV Channels and Sports On Demand from various sports and in various languages like English, Spanish, Italian, German and more!

Watch Sundays Kick Off, live PPV events, full matches, full games, live sports in streaming for free, wherever you are on your KODI device!

The Dimitrology Channel is all about “FREE TV ,FREE MOVIES FREE, LIVE SPORTS” This channel is to show you KODI XBMC IPTV ADDONS, KODI TUTORIALS and GUIDES.
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These are the BEST FREE SPORTS ADDONS ON KODI for 2017 – 2018 !!

  1. Εμπεριστατομένη δουλειά. Μπράβο. Εχω εγκαταστήσει πρόσφατα το full build BOOM SHAKALAKA σε tvbox (H96 PRO-ALFAWISE), στο οποίο υπάρχειτο πρόσθετο AVEZY και αναρωτιέμαι αν πρέπει να κατεβάσω και εγώ το APK ACE STREAM, όπως λες στο παραπάνω βίντεο.

  2. karma says

    Will this work with the Schism build? and does it have PPV (UFc)?

  3. 1963YIANNI says

    ti kaneis re manga ?

  4. Bob D says

    Dimi when i put ace streams in google play it pulls everything up but ace streams…

  5. Dragan Jovanovic says

    Fantastic, thx m8

  6. Nase One says

    is this updated on the boom build Dimi?

  7. Farzad Hafez says

    What about ios or osx users? How can i run ace stream? it won’t running for me

  8. Fido Fidelis says

    When i install it, it doesnt want to update..it tells me failed dependency..why?

  9. Michael says

    Not Sure.

  10. ctnative203 says

    boom shackalaka

  11. F Harbi says

    Great Video. Only issue is the AvEZY addon, keeps downloading and stuck at 1%, even after trying updating from the repository.

  12. brayden ward says

    Sports devil is trash streams never work sportie was great before the kodi update

  13. Rafael Ocampo says

    Said failed to install dependency when trying to install Not sure

  14. Michael Crippen says

    what kodi build do u use

  15. Charles Hall says

    when i do the add source and try to down load files there is nothing there HELP

  16. Dee Embry says

    No sure is not working. Any ideas how to fix. Love the sports listed. Thanks

  17. Toaster Bank says

    I can't find colossus… Any update?

  18. wildboz27 says

    So in a nutshell none of these damn addons for sports work bennu.castaway.sports devil all constantly fail…I haven't watched a decent football) game on kodi all year….I had better luck with Jarvis on my laptop

  19. רפי רום says

    hello ,i try to install the addon but lately nothing works .not the sport world or the other addon that u mention in your video i need to say that i try doing it one by on,e and not from your repo so my question is if im installing your repo will this addons work ?

  20. moufitsa1985 says

    Hello!!! There is no colossus in your repository ? what should I do;

  21. Tyler Ahtonen says

    Repository collossus is no longer in the list

  22. Justin Pettit says

    Why's he talking like a villain from a cartoon?

  23. Justin Pettit says

    There is no collosus

  24. joe blow says

    instead of going thru all this crap,just install pulse has all these addons,

  25. beezer bobum says


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