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This is the best apk for watching live tv – iptv on Android right now! It has thousands of live tv channels from US, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Latino, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, Turkish, Albanian all with no lag and in great quality. Also without ads, finally a a free apk for live tv cable iptv that is working!

You can install it on any device as long as it is an Android device. For example on smartphone, tablet, tv box, amazon fire stick, nvidia shield as long as you have a touch screen or a mouse! But it is totally worth it!!!

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  1. adesh grn says

    Boom shakalaka baby ???

  2. Billy B says

    Didnt work got it downloaded POS apk

  3. Billy B says

    Got it loaded no problem but very few channels come up maybe 2%. I will try again today

  4. George Esteban says

    thank you so much for this great app.

  5. AJIT SALOPAL says

    The app is working but no channel is running ?

  6. h3isenberg says

    work great. No sound though?

  7. cindy stephenson says

    don't like it

  8. M Kilmer says

    Is there any way you could show me how to dl this onto a firestick.. tyvm

  9. kragger1985 says

    Won't download

  10. hits tv says

    I hv installed on my mobile.. only 5 channels are working out of 4000

  11. Nicholas Sutton says

    Went is it that some channels have sound and others don't?

  12. Edu ogechi2011 says


  13. Edu ogechi2011 says

    E1 second ago
    Dimiitried so manytimesbutisnotdawnloadingonmya ndriodboxplscanyouaddalinktodawnloadthisapkthanks

  14. Fernando perez says

    Does this require WiFi

  15. James David says

    Boom shakalaka thank you so much love James and maria Hertfordshire

  16. Tanvir King says

    my live net tv apk kids chanel hungama and disney hindi indian channel didn't work.Please help me

  17. Koo Koo says

    Works great! Thank you so much!!
    Does anyone know how to search for Canada or Canadian? I've tried ca, can, cdn and nothing.

  18. The Enjoy Tech Guy says

    Thanks a million bro, your amazing, keep up the videos??

  19. Vinylmaniac says

    great channel!!

  20. pirro zeri says

    Efcharistó, me voíthises na parakolouthíseis tileórasi

  21. Dj SiDDy says

    Boom shacalaca baby!

  22. Colis Caesar says

    The link/apk is not available on your site….

  23. Franco P says

    Lies lies lies

  24. Franco P says

    Scams. Links to pay sites

  25. DEE BASS says

    Is there a version for android boxes so u can scroll up n down ?

  26. Thomas M says

    Thank you for video and subbed .

  27. Ramond Smith says

    why am I not able to download anything from Droid buddy 2

  28. Ramond Smith says

    last week I can download from Droid buddy 2 this week I can't

  29. DJ COOL BottomsUpRadioCa says


  30. DJ COOL BottomsUpRadioCa says


  31. Jim Morrison says

    Boom shakalaka baby…. chanels without sound …

  32. Kobi Naor says

    hi Dimitri I like all your videos and APK's! does this one still work? the link on your page is stuck. thank you

  33. Dale Chislett says

    not working cant download

  34. Alokin Alset says

    There are fucking 20 channels for 193 countries, 200×20 is FUCKING 40000, YOBER DIMITORY

  35. ilikepakistan 123 says

    502 bad gateway.
    Help please

  36. bluste63 says

    Its now DEC 22 2017. Nothing now works, went to your website and downloaded latest LIVE tv APK which was FULL of adverts. SCAM or CON ???

  37. George Domingues says

    Not working

  38. Stromtician S says

    +Dimitrology i cannot find the download button on your page. It's gone or went missing. love your channel ???

  39. Ousmane Niang says

    Hi. Experiencing some difficulties to download TVLive from your website

  40. John McDowell says

    Was the apk taken off if your web site?

  41. Khachig Hajian says

    i download this program( live tv )in my mubile ,but noting any channel ,why ? thank you

  42. Jamie Lawson says

    Excellent picture quality but a lot of them have no sound and they constantly freeze up and have to be restarted

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