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The aVoV VIXO1, a completely open source IPTV/multimedia streaming service brings you an inexhaustible amount of diverse content in high definition. aVoV utilizes the open source technology allowing users to instantly download the latest movies,TV shows, and other available media directly from Cloud based servers.

The VIXO1 uses the MickyHop platform which also allows developers to easily create applications for the aVoV VIXO1 multi-media streaming system. This device has a full range of content including, movies, TV shows, dramas, sports,and education/life-style related content. The VIXO1 connects multimedia straight to your home in seconds.

– Convenience at your fingertips
– Watch the content of your choice anytime!
– A full range of contents from latest dramas and movies to major TV programs, popular cable channels,
adult contents, sports and education/life-style contents
– A “Home theater” experience with high-definition digital images and real-to-life 5.1 channel sound system
– Your favorite movies replayed and re-enjoyed over and over again at low prices
– Installable with broadband internet even if your PC and TV are in different rooms

– No need to rent out DVDs a remote control is all you need!
– Watch some 10,000 contents including major TV programs, latest movies, popular cable channels,
education and life-style contents
– Enjoy programs or movies of your choice anytime
– Install aVoV Android TV box through your broadband internet line even if your PC and TV are in different rooms
– Experience a home theater with high definition images and real-to-life 5.1 channel sound system!

1 x Android TV Box
1x HDMI cable
1 x AV cable
1 x Charger
1 x IR Remote Control
2.4G Input Device Support Yes, for wireless mouse and keyboard

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  1. Tech Trends says

    Best Media streamer ever

  2. bpisbp2 says

    Can i plug in a usb drive and record shows?

  3. Trey Chung says

    i heard you have to pay for channels now

  4. Martin Fox says

    i love this little but big box its small but it can do big things its all you,ll ever need for a long time happy tv movie and so much more so easy to use old or young big or small avov has it all thanks for make tv better easyer for everyone .thanks mjf.

  5. Bongo McBongo says

    What about my sub woofer.. where does that go…

  6. Tech Trends says

    get the audio out from tv

  7. Tech Trends says

    vixo 2 is even awesome. check at http://www.techandtrendz.com

  8. alejandro casula says

    Como cambiar mi Mac adress de una avivar +

  9. alejandro casula says

    Avov +

  10. Georges Chamoun says

    On the remote control, there is a button labelled "Sub-Titles". So far, I have not been able to configure how to make it functional. Can I get help ?

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