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Arabic TV Nilesat on Kodi With Free IPTV List شاهد القناوات العىربيه مجانا

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Watch Arabic Channels On Kodi without Addon Using M3U List:
1-Go to pastebin.com
2-Search for “Arabic Channels”
3-Sort by Date
4-Click on one of the list, first one is recommended
5-Right-click on the “Raw” link and choose “Copy Address Link”
6-Start Kodi
7-Navigate to System – Addons – My Addons – PVR Clients – Simple PVR Client
8-Configure and Paste the link in the Remote address field
9-Enable the addon
10-Navigate to System – TV and enable it
11-If the link that you chose is a good link you should see “TV” as one of the home screen options

  1. Liasgo says

    Doesnt stop after 30 seconds?

  2. فى حد فاهم فى البرنامج ده يدلنى كيف يمككنى الحصول على هذه الاداة shahid arabic xbmc وكيف يمكننى عمد install لها بقالى اسبوع بعمل لها اضافه بخمسين طريقه ولكنها لا تعمل فى حد عنده حل؟

  3. M D AKRAE says

    شرح رائع

  4. ahmad king says

    شكراً على الموضوع ولكن أرجو منك مساعدة في حل مشاكل تشغيل القنوات فقط دقيقة واحدة

  5. Mokhtar Ghoniem says

    this is the best link I ever tried but this problem of cutting out each 30 sec is a shit … do you have any other link that can work well? I already tried more than 7 different links but nothing work well

  6. Radwan Wetti says

    A lifesaver. Thanks!

  7. ZuhairJumaa says

    جربت كل اللينكات و أحدثها ولكن لم تظهر لي أيقونة TV ولم تشتغل كل الروابط

  8. Got it ! says

    Also try links from http://sourcetv.info/

  9. g matib says

    not working

  10. ben amine says

    thank you

  11. Mody Mansour says

    thanks for your efforts but most of them are not working. I recommend everyone that want to watch arabic channels to buy easybox iptv android box. It have more than 1000 channels including Bein sport HD.

  12. ConanBerlin says

    The link does not work.

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