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Amazing IPTV : Best Tv Guide | Zero Buffering | Setup Vader Streams on Kodi accurately on any device

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Hi Step by step setup instruction for Vader Streams for Kodi on your amazon fire stick, amazon fire tv, Nvidia Shield, any android box or on your desktop computer or laptop using this amazing instruction provided in this “how to” tutorial video.

So many of you are frustrated with the Tv guide not working or just don’t know how to modify the Tv Guide of Vader Streams. Well, if you watch this video and follow every instruction provided you will be satisfied that is guaranteed 100%.

All you have to do is be patient for the first few minutes and once done you will love this Vader Streams service that have almost zero buffering issue and also got the best looking, super sexy & most beautiful ever Tv Guide inside it.

If you would like to get more assistance you can drop a comment below and also if you think this video has really helped you then please let me know by commenting below. 🙂

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  1. James Pirro says

    $18 a month

  2. raiderterminators says

    how much is this service monthly and where and how do I get a username and password

  3. Chip Man says

    Good video..

  4. Martin tintin says

    where is the login and password please ?

  5. Anthony Attwood says

    Awesome walk through thanks for all you're time and effort that you constantly do on YouTube ?

  6. Robert Puffer says

    Too much money per month

  7. Godstolemybike Jones says

    No tools option. Only Unable to Login-none,please send your log file,and click h e re to configure. What is the price? Also, does this run on kodi and roku?

  8. renz2swagdup says

    Do u think it's goid for the price I have limitless iptv and they don't help when u contact them

  9. Dianne Breeden says

    Which adds do no work that are old I should take off__ please help

  10. STOLEN EARTH says


  11. eddie yip says

    hi ,
    can i get the user name and password ?

  12. Arleen Leiva says

    is there a way to get this for free? or is there a monthly charge for it?

  13. jean paul verrelien says

    What password should I use?

  14. Allen Thomas says

    How much is this person month?

  15. Leila Moussaoui says

    how to do username and password??

  16. Quantum Z says

    Just seeking an explanation of why Vader Streams logs out of your account in Kodi ???????????

  17. Ted B says

    I'm using both Minix Neo U1 and U9 Android TV boxes and tested several IPTV services. I tested Vader Streams and was quite happy with it so I purchased a subscription a few months ago. Their IPTV service is well maintained and reliable and they allow using on up to 3 locations/machines, including a PC browser, without purchasing an additional subscription. I have just I have two locations with 15 mbps and 25 mbps down and haven't experienced buffering or out of sync audio on either. And most all channels are in HD. If you plan to cut your cable, this is an excellent service and highly recommended.

  18. indoria 1995 says

    why dont u write first that its a paid service ?
    waste of time

  19. itzmillertyme says

    mine worked for a day and now program info won't load into the guide??

  20. Ian Turner says

    Will this work with kodi 18?

  21. Stockdog 101 says

    Your page can’t be loaded in safari

  22. Stockdog 101 says

    Your telegram link

  23. Stockdog 101 says

    When I click it I get this msg, “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.”

  24. Curtis Wilson says

    Like most the question is Where do and how do I get a password for this

  25. bradley Trevaskis says


  26. Aditya Misra says

    Can I use username and password for more than one device

  27. Aditya Misra says

    How can I watch TV guide for free

  28. Samuel Piliouras says

    Why do we have to always go through kodi. Is there an apk?

  29. Manny Tavares says

    how do i get to account settings please

  30. Jay Bavis says

    i follow the video and when i go to zip file and then go back to vaders theres no files just two dots. what am i doing wrong helppppppp

  31. Paul Smith says

    Great instructive video having recently set up an account with Vaders

  32. jim bo says

    can i use that tv guide without Vader

  33. Humaira Samantha says

    Thank you. Very helpful

  34. Jay Bavis says

    hard to follow you on this my screen is very diffrent and cant find where you at because the skin is diffrent and its new to ne right now

  35. carlo degiosa says

    wie lautet das passwort?

  36. Optimum Bliss says

    To purchase a subscription of Vader Streams contact on telegram >> https://telegram.me/optimumbliss

  37. Junior Garcia says

    How much $

  38. KooliSkey says

    This guide is terrible, it crashes all the time…and I'm using a $500 PC that's 1 month old. Idk why.

  39. Mycol Bartlett says


  40. Brian Mull says

    excellent tutorial young man…

  41. Sheena says

    Anyone know what basic build he has on kodi in the tutorial? I currently have a build on mine and it's a little tedious trying to get to the basic settings to perform these operations

  42. Joe G says

    Hi can you do this on perfect players and stb elumunter thanks

  43. lordbazza thfc says

    how do i get vader stream i have it but how do i purchesed it

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