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Adryan List IPTV

Hello again in uptown welcome Welcome to another installment of its youtube channel information in this chance we will see a list iptv adrián gives us lynch channels without locking interesting geo truth good start first if never been activated iptv I I recommend you dig out the videos that have already spoken about that topic It would be very good for psychiatrists two or three related list v to understand how it works with the In this video we will enable IPTV and let’s set it up to put a list of channels offered by adrián live singer blocking this means You can be seen from any country external the first thing we will do will be addons come to us remember I’m in Crypton version although this applies to any version of code Adryan List IPTV

I’ll come to my addons and within my back for two you see the menu is the one that appears in principle within this menu what We do is focus on customers PVR and here we have to locate but rtv Simple believe that is what we discussed in those videos that I have spoken here inside we will have to configure it before I turn as I explained what we will give you set will leave it is rich or a remote address Internet and we will write in this second section URL list, Jesus.

We used to go and put this address [Music] Once you have set the direction simply pressing ok and we configured so that now yes we can activate it click on active as you see here it indicates that we have been 105 channels added to our IPTV let’s go back-back to the main screen and now the main screen will enter section of IPTV in this case tv [Music] is already here we can see the different channels that appear all them in perfect working order. Adryan List IPTV Well that’s all this liza have in this case 105 channels currently if what this means no matter what country you are listening to the You can see all I hope this information has been Helped Thank you for your comments your customers and get to share my videos on your social networks we are in the next installment of your channel youtube symphony active soon and pattern ace Adryan List IPTV


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