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  1. Kenneith Middlebrook says

    solomon, how do you do this process with isengard. I tried with the helix links but they would not process in isengard

  2. Joe D says

    Hey Solo Man,

    I have a amazon fire stick and I can not get both PVR working together. PVR 1 has an URL and the other one has a Local file.M3U , For some reason any way I put the setting , it always shows the file.M3U channels . Both work separately! but not together. Any idea or tips???

  3. fernando hose Sprock says

    How can you merge two type of path for two pvr simple client (example, a local path list with a remote path URL)?

  4. Fabian Solis says

    Wouldn't be easier to edit the local list you have configured on Kodi adding all the channels from the other list?, that way you can sort the channels however you want to.

  5. ricky Last says

    @SoloMANIs there a way to separate the channels (Ex: English/Spanish channels)Or basically separate the URL's from been on 1 huge list. (Have the option to choose which URL to use)

  6. Sam Ka says

    Hi is there a way to add my favorite channels to PVR iptv simple

  7. caroline hand says

    Hi solo love your vids but can I ask you something I can't understand'on my android box the only way I can get the tv bit in kodi main page is when I use your link for Solomon channel in iptv simple client why does it not work with any other list?

  8. Gianpaolo Iannetta says

    unfortunately do not work on kodi installed on nexus player.
    Any idea to fix?

  9. Iglesia Jesucristo Salvador says

    Saludos… Bendiciones para todos desde Puerto Rico… Soloman, necesito ayuda ya que trato de instalar el clientes PVR adicinal pero no me deja ya que dice "Dependencies not met" he tratado varias veces..agradezco estos tutoriales que son como ir a la univesidad de la tecnologia..

  10. Davie Stewart says

    can I use your url ?

  11. Obed Garcia says

    hola e tratado de instalar iptv simple client para ver canales de estados unidos y no e podido,tengo una cajita m8+ con kodi 15.2 y no me asepta ninguna version de iptv,espero que me puedan ayudar gracias.

  12. Bruno Catino says

    Hey Solo Man, how can I show at the add-ons screen, Enabled add-ons / Disabled add-ons??

  13. AllofUs Henrys says

    Hey Soloman,
    How would I set up the m3u play list path to a special folder in order to back up from my computer and then reload my back up to my android box?

  14. Greg Anthony says

    GREAT STUFF SOLO MAN! …. Long time follower and love your stuff!.. I have a question… I discovered an add-on called
    "Pvr Tools" which supposedly works with Simple IPTV-Pvr… It apparently allows you to combine a combination of local and/or remote m3us/m3u8s playlists together as well as epgs … I was going to experiment with it… but wondering if you had any experience with it. ?

  15. Supermonkey 1964 says

    Someone needs to update this to at least Jarvis. ­čÖé

  16. Alex 1407 says

    AWESOME !! REALLY THANKS MAN! Now i need to figure out how to connect my DVBT 2 to my Android Box and Kodi ^^ hard to do ^^

  17. Angela Hall says

    i want to put this on my tv tell me

  18. julce414 says

    It didn't load two list, one local path and remote path. any special setup for this?

  19. Sam Bam says

    Does not work on kodi 17

  20. So how do I do this on version 16 which is not helix?

  21. Alfred Westlake says

    I have nextpvr backend for my OTA local chanels. Is there a way to have the IPTV channels and the OTA channels all on one EPG and integrated with a timed PVR?

  22. Mitch Morrell says

    You are retarded or something…. WTF. Doesn't work man.

  23. kart kassab says


  24. sky kc says

    your adfly link does not load anything. maybe post a regular link not filled with advertising…that would be helpful.

  25. Carmella Norris says

    i am lost. lets say i have iptv from playersklub and another source i pay for….how do i merge together. i learn by watching, reading and writing. i am missing something can you email me with a written out script of how to do this. you downloaded from a google drive. i typed in the url for the one i purchased and am doing playersklub later today. Neither are in a google drive.

    appreciate your patients. the sooner i grasp the iptv idea with kodi i can cut the cord looking to be proficientlyÔÇő enough to get by before next cable bill or sooner

  26. Brian Reynolds says

    it will not allow me to install it on kodi 17.3 do you have a work around ?

  27. Rodrigo Dos Santos says

    how do i do this on fire stick

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