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Ace TV IPTV has nearly 1000 channels. All of the English Premiership games (3pm games), including the ones not shown by Sky/BTAll of the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB gamesSky Sports, BT SportsSports channels from the US, Canada.

Available on Android Box, Mag box, STB emulator and M3U playlist


FREE TRIAL REQUEST email tanveerkhan9@yahoo.com
Can be tested on tv or mobile

Samsung 50″ 4K Smart TV –
Samsung Curved Monitors –
Amazon Fire TV 4K –
Nvidia Shield –
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Mi Box 4K –
Seagate 1TB USB 3.0 Black –


Frederick Fosu
1711 Cudaback Ave PMB 947244
Niagara Falls, NY 14303

  1. David Williams says

    it there an APK for this?

  2. Mushroom Galaxy says

    do you have a video how to install on zgemma box? I got it on kodi but would like on zgemma. thanks

  3. IPTV PLUS says

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  4. American heroes is the military network

  5. A lot of streams not working. Not my first pick for IPTV. SORRY but there is much better out there to choose from right here in North America

  6. Tony Kessler says

    I'm currently using Ace, but looking around for others, NFL network constantly gives me problems, but overall, it's not too bad. I've tried some others, and yet I'm still here with Ace, customer support is very good. Since NFL network gives me so many problems I'm worried about football season, so I'm looking around for another provider.

  7. Jay Closky says

    I am thinking about trying ACE, but have a few questions I was hoping you could answer…..

    – How many devices can be used – I have both Android and MAG boxes, will I need multiple subs to use them all?

    – Are you IP Locked? I need to use a VPN (Everyone should!) but this means my IP address will change. (I use multiple VPNs)

    In response to Geoffrey Joseph question (below) I have used Nitro, SET, Gears, LiteIPTV, LEDtv, and Vaders.
    Will be happy to reply to you once I sub to ACE and can compare 😉

  8. Edem Marlum says

    How can I get this on a firestick …?

  9. Charly Gallegos says

    You have ecuador channels

  10. Scott Harris says

    How do I subscribe to ace iptv

  11. Tom Burke says

    Ordered the 24hour deal. Couldn't figure out how to download into the android box and there is no video or instructions explaining how to do this. I went to the download page on my android and I keep getting a 404 page. Went on computer to download from there and got a page full of what looks like script programming page but no download page.
    Why is it that this site has no instructions on how to download from an android box and how to install it into an android box?
    Big waste of my time. Nitro was easy as hell and so was SETVNOW. Both have video and instructions on how to download and implement into an Android box. Big waste of time. I asked for a refund. Won't be using this site. Didn't help one bit, no matter where I went for instructions.

  12. milagros carrion says

    I want to win it I have kids they enjoy it

  13. Howšad says

    Right I have a mag 256 box, the guys subs are about 80 pound for six month. That's for about 900 channels all sky sports etc. If I get a fire Stick can u get all these Iptv channels on kodi for free? We in uk used to card share with open boxes but all pay channels gone of them now.

  14. Jordel Mason says

    Does this work on the Zgemma h2s?

  15. Pikachu says

    This looks good for UK channels. What is your internet speed if you don't mind me asking? I only get a maximum of 9-10mb dl speeds. Is that good enough?

  16. Mohamed Kaika says

    I want the application name and thank my friend

  17. Diana Mercado says

    What is Gears and how could I check it out?

  18. Diana Mercado says

    Hi Fred, which are the top ones that offer the NFL Ticket? Please advise.

  19. Luis Oliveira says

    dont work

  20. Shaun Coleman says

    Have used ACE TV for more than 6mth first as a customer then as a reseller….. there service is the best I tried and I did try many services, I'm in Europe and for UK TV this is the best selection you can get. There customer service is also the Very Very best, they answer in 5 min every time. I checked them out first i.e. Company's house and they are a registered UK company, that have a registered email address NOT a junk gmail account…. strongly recommended if you want UK TV.

  21. S M says

    Avoid these fuckers at all times. They often get blocked in the UK,loads of blackouts and buffering. Their customer service staff are quick to block you. The emails aren't any better. BAD SERVICE. MONEY WASTERS.

  22. Steve Milner says

    so, ive read many comments in here – first, looks like you were running an emu of mag boxes if thats true, i like that – second, how long have these dudes been around and as a canadian will i need a vpn to access any internationals an/or north american content? – and thanks for sharing Ace im looking to replace nfps – if you mentioned any of these already i am sorry i missed since i fast forwarded a bit

  23. Mike Kaye says

    What app are you using to show to show the channels and categories?

  24. Jamnadas POLRA says

    SIR, Hwo can a BUY a full subscription for 12 months, As a Indian from India but currentlt live in Brisbane.Australia

  25. Adam Ali Mohamed says

    SE is for sweden bro.

    btw what you recommend the best iptv?

    crown tv, vader streams, ace tv, necro tv, nitro tv , gears tv, there are so many and it is so hard, i just want something that is good quality in sports and movies most 1080p and reliable during ppv , and everyone say this and that is the best, thanks in advance

  26. jose soi says

    Le mando un link rubatto da un server Sky e 200% stabile fai il download tramide il link http://ecut.it/vABXb6WQ

  27. Ali Salim says

    Hi, nice review of the service and just subscribed.. would like to know if this service is still available as this video is 2 months ago and its the latest one in youtube for this service . so kindly verify.

  28. Ali Salim says

    just tried the trial , really nice .. I intend to watch tomorrow matches in Ace TV .. although I can see they are limited for my linking (indian channels and so on) but great service as it provides in some channels 3 quality settings that would suit everybody weather they have slow connection or rocket speed one

  29. Abigail Kodua says

    how to install this on fire stick or kodi

  30. Max Bravo says

    which iptv service you recommended for kodi and samsung smart tv. Thx

  31. Tom Barnard says

    very impressed no issues but I do use VPN VANISH. Fantastic value for money. Not paying SHY or BO saves me over £1,000 per year. Quality keep up the good work. Lovin it x

  32. Gerry Minetos says

    Not sure how you do a half-hour review and not once display and discuss the TV Guide portion of the service, c'mon man.

  33. Moeln Khan says

    I’ve purchased the trail but for some reason I can not download the ace iptv app I have an Android m8s pro

  34. Panther TV Channel says

    If I have to spend money then it's a waste of time. Skip this crap

  35. Frank Silva says

    Honest fred you have a nice interface but i don't see the resolution of the channel right in the corner like in Perfect P ayer,that's why i say Perfect player and ProgDBV are the best interface period.

  36. obie john says

    What's the best IPTV that has Asian – UK and USA channels. Looking for premium and fast service without freezing. Price is not an issue

  37. Honest Fred's says

    Ace TV is going under, DO NOT subscribe to it

  38. donald laidley says

    ware can i get this iptv

  39. happy lamber says

    Hi I’m interst indian Punjabi channel how to contact you ?

  40. Troy M says

    Hi Fred what is the best IPTV server for a full working channel guide to see what's coming on in a later time slot

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