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In this tutorial I will guide you guys on how to add more than 1000 live tv channels on KODI, with a KODI PVR the IPTV Simple Client. Very easy process and quick, the IPTV list is in m3u format and it keeps updating every single day! This huge m3u list is still working fine on KODI 17.6 on 2018 and keeps growing with more than 1500 live tv channels!

You can get the IPTV M3U List for KODI with the 1000 live tv channels from:

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  1. rizek green says

    Boom sakalaka beeeebiii

  2. JOHN BRIS says

    Huston we have a problem after 17.3 kodi update no list anymore….any thoughts?

  3. Irene Templeman says

    oh I could cry. I have set this up exactly and when I go into TV there is nothing. I have double checked the URL and it is correct – the video is very clear on what to do and type in, settings etc.. Dos anyone have any ideas where i have went wrong. having problems with anything that lays live tv.

  4. elson de Saantana says

    no good

  5. Tøp Willy says

    love you dimitrology your the best awesome video

  6. Alan Murray says

    This works!!!! do you have another one up your sleeve ??? Cheers Dimitri

  7. Paul Iannitti says

    worked great i have 1251 channels I just installed 17.3 how d i get this iptv to work with 17.3??

  8. DexterShawn says

    Works on Kodi 17.3 latest stable version. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fluxustv/IPTV/master/list.m3u

  9. Paul Iannitti says

    worked great i have 1251 channels I just installed 17.3 how d i get this iptv to work with megaminds wookie build 17.3??

  10. DR.M 2 says
  11. nivaldo gilberto says

    Hi There!!! Can I use the list on Perfect Player?

  12. Jamal Parris says


  13. Michael Agner says

    Yeah I have the same issue as other 17.3 kodi users here; the process simply doesn't work. Either it's something in Kodi, or (and this is likely) the m3u list is dead.

  14. Man On Internet says

    Thanks works as of June 17 2017

  15. Thomas Linehan says

    Is there a way to get the epg working with this on simple client?

  16. JustLoveBecki says

    It didn't work. I don't understand. I checked the http:// address and it looks fine.

  17. The Star Man says

    you da bomb!

  18. LINCLEOT says

    Danks boi!

  19. Fluxus Television says

    Thanks for sharing our service! ?

  20. Máté Lukáts says

    Hello Dimi,

    I just followed your intructions to get the +/- 1000 channels. All went good, I've got the channels, but from the UK and US part none of them are working and I don't have channels such like National Geographic, Discovery, Food network, Cartoon Network, etc.

    I've got and Android box MXQ Pro 4K

    Please help me out!

    Great stuff your doing, as always!


  21. Máté Lukáts says

    with Kodi 17.1 Krypton

  22. David says

    Thanks Dimitri…. you have some of the best Kodi videos

  23. black add says

    Thanks it's work

  24. Lordbiggrany says

    Shout out?

  25. Prasini magia says

    φιλε μου εχει μονο argus στο pvr

  26. Rennard Snowden says

    Dimitriology, you are the best. However, when I attempt to gain access to the site it asks me for a login and password. Can anyone help me get past this hurdle?
    Thank you.

  27. Thomas Linehan says

    Is there a way to get the dog working? Thanks

  28. Robert Brady says

    Nice tutorial. Any way to get the epg to work?

  29. TheKig81 says

    Awesome 1455 channels in HD

  30. LalaCat D says

    Awesome thanks!

  31. DjTecniq says

    I followed the tutorial it said the addon was installed but I'm using Titanium build and there is no "TV" browser area to access the channels. Can someone help?

  32. Remco Kana says

    It works fine
    Tnx men 🙂
    Greets from the Netherlands

  33. Bagels4Purchase says

    This would be awesome if all the fucking channels weren’t in Spanish

  34. Manny The Barber says

    Dope it worked not to many us channels mainly a little bit from all over the world

  35. Ronnie Moraes says

    top, very good bro thanks for that link

  36. SUDHARSAN .s says

    boomshakalakha i gave dislike

  37. Kevin Mathis says

    movies worked fine on m3u black a week ago but now only 10 percent or less will buffer at all. hope they fix it because it was the best!

  38. Skyler Scott says

    this is not working for me…. suggests that it needs to restart, then suggests that 1561 channels have been added… then go to TV, no channels to view at all…pls help. 🙁 6 hours trying now

  39. Gbs Lzn says

    Demi, some channels need key to can see, u know it?

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