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?BEST IPTV service 2017 Premium channels All Devices Kodi M3u8 Firestick

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This really is the Best IPTV service I have used this year. Nearly 1500 channels, most in Full HD, with EPG and all 100% working.
Ultrabox Site –
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Repo Address:

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A VPN protects your privacy online, secures your Internet connection and restores your freedom. Without a VPN for Kodi, your ISP can and will see all of your internet activity and traffic. This can cause the internet provider to throttle your internet connection and that will impact the performance of streaming using Kodi. You can set up a VPN on most of the Kodi Devices you currently use including Android, iOS, OSX, Windows and even directly to your wireless router. You can use the VPN router setup to cover your home so you don’t have to worry about using Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV !
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?VPN recommendation from me –
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  1. TechDoctorUK says

    Here is the SPECIAL 10% discount code: TECHDOC10 . Thanks for your support guys.? ? ?

  2. Kevin Fischer says

    I love cookies!

  3. Kevin Fischer says

    Ultra box Rocks

  4. Derrick Holcombe says

    ULTRABOX rocks

  5. Barry Ward says

    Looking for a paid iptv with these channels MeTv,Bounce, Antenna Tv, Cozi, Get Tv,

  6. Franco Cuzzola says

    Isn’t ultrabox a reseller of epicstream?

  7. Art Yilmaz says

    Seems pricy compared to others and only one simultaneous connection??

  8. scott boyd says

    Can this be used/added to an existing Kodi build like Pulse?

  9. Eddie R says

    I'm interested in this but have a few questions. I use a firestick so not a lot of memory. I already have apks on there. Is it possible to use without kodi and how? Also, once I subscribe, how many tvs can I use it on? I use a VPN, will this affect using on multiple sets?

  10. TechDoctorUK says

    I'm Batman!

  11. Kevin Fischer says

    Thanks doc!

  12. Larry Handley says

    How many sets can I use this on? I have 3 TV's in the house that I would like to use the service on; is that ok? Or do they cap it for a certain number of connections?

  13. Art Yilmaz says

    Can it work outside of kodi?

  14. Etem Aygun says

    ULTRABOX Rocks!

  15. Delowar Hossain says

    Ultraboc rocks

  16. Moist Men Cheats says

    Get vader streams guys its way better than shitty ultrabox

  17. jay cam says

    LOL the iptv your showing are not the best seams more like your advertising complete false setvnow has to be one of the best come on stop trying to fool your subs for your own benifit

  18. michelle thomas says

    ultrabox rules

  19. oddcabbage 78 says

    Does this get blocked when the footie is on like all the others ?

  20. Ty Baird says

    Log in failed. Wrong host port or username password???

  21. Ty Baird says

    Kodi on firestick mate

  22. Osazee Rapper says

    Hello, I am a new subscriber, I just install ultrabox now, it isn't workout like Africans channels and Italians channels aren't workout,please can you fix It, I don't want to be paying for channels that doesn't work, that is also why I choose ultrabox, cause in your video, you said it was reliable, and one more thing, in the African session, the Nollywood supposed to be Nigeria and English not French, can you fix this for me please, Thank you

  23. direallocus says

    Could you tell me what is required to become a reseller of the epicstream service

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