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Watch over 8000 Free IPTV channels Kodi July 2017

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Hi guys, In this video I will show you how to watch over 8000 IPTV channels on Kodi 17.3. To Watch IPTV you only need to install 2 addons and i will show you the exact steps.

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  1. Barrie Schofield says

    I did a fresh start on my Kodi firestick being a kodi novice i found this and it's brilliant 🙂

  2. 68238916 says

    Hello, I just followed your instruction on a fresh copy of kodi 17.3However the two addon I received were Flixanity  and Streamhub (not the live hub or the F4mTester). so what has it changed?

  3. Julio says says

    would following same steps work with KD player ? tia

  4. Lisa Gordon says

    live hub didn't show for me just streamhub

  5. Dritan Ikonomi says

    Hello Doc, after I install from the zip file, when I go to install from repository, then video addons, there is no Live Hub there, or f4m tester (which I had installed already). I see StreamHub and Flixanity, which I installed both. This is for both phone and Android TV box.
    Anyway, StreamHub works fine so far, thanks a lot!

  6. The Just says

    Aaaaaaaaaand it's gone?

  7. David Melendez says


  8. Adana Finch says

    Great video it's working on my end all the way from Trinidad and Tobago I have just one question what free VPN can I use? I'm using kodi on my pc

  9. Albert-Jan Scholtalbers says

    Not working!!!!!!! Live hub is not part of repository. It is not shown in the three options

  10. Ahmed Sameh says

    Man you are amazing it really worked but some channels don't worry it is good for me, you deserve a like.

  11. Tran Le says

    Live HUB does not exist !

  12. Ganesh M says

    thank you

  13. Luqman Hakim says

    thank's it worked

  14. arvind padhiar says

    hi I am looking for Iptv server offers world wide iptv under CA $10.00 good one, please let me know thank you.

  15. Janus Anjello Palustre says

    Live Hub is not showing on my Repositories! 🙁 help

  16. Riccardo Capuano says

    1. You didn't post the source link in your description as you said you would in the video. 2. Streamhub repository does not have Live Hub addon in it, so this is a waste of time.

  17. christophor persaud says

    Hey good dayThe add on address isn't going though is saying couldn't retrieve directory

  18. Alpha17x says
  19. christophor persaud says

    Hey I got the repository install but now I don't see the live hub nor the f4m tester

  20. Simmy Sarkaria says

    Techdoctor, i want the music channel " Flava " do you know which app/addon has it ? Thanks

  21. أمين ولد العبدي says


  22. Mike lopez says

    No TV guide really

  23. Mike lopez says

    I try it

  24. paul bounds says

    didnt work tidy

  25. Mark Lovell says

    does it have latvian tv?

  26. Mark Lovell says

    I don't the same options as you?

  27. Ric Houghton says

    Brilliant thank you

  28. alicetex says

    Live Hub is not available. Why?

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