Kodi IPTV Service Providers
  1. blue eyes says

    Thanx channels working fine and clear

  2. Myron Robinson says

    Is there a fix for the live TV part of this build out there that anyone no of??? the TV guide channels will only play for about 20 second and stop.

  3. Brooke92 says

    After many builds I found this one. The others would play for 5-10 seconds and start lagging. Deleted it and downloaded this one. So far, it’s amazing. No lag, fast responses and amazing picture! I recommend it 🙂

  4. Hustle Man says

    So far so good but thanks homie…

  5. Lol says

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  6. John L says

    Does this work well on the Amazon fire stick?

  7. Kavere Holmes says

    When you update to 6.0 it knock off the TV guide,,,,, you got anymore,,,, live tv

  8. Kavere Holmes says

    Or show me how to get back to 5.0

  9. Jamie Heilman says

    Build is different no LIVE TV

  10. Jerry Butler says

    Guys I just got $5216on my paypal from this tool without paying anything:(just go to) ~> freepplmoney.win/?YgVX3O

  11. Jennifer Ashley says

    I went through the whole install but I cant the repository to get the build does anyone know where the wizard stores in adorns like is it in programs addons or video addons or where?

  12. Jennifer Ashley says

    I went through the whole install but I cant the repository to get the build does anyone know where the wizard stores in adorns like is it in programs addons or video addons or where?

  13. Jennifer Ashley says

    You never gonna believe this after 3hrs the menu that asks what addons previous builds you wanna bring with to build just now popped up so I will see what happens now i'll know if it installs or not

  14. Jennifer Ashley says

    Finally got the build after waiting forever thank you for making this video it very helpful your doing awesome keep the great work xxx!

  15. gerald orr says

    How do I get the build with Liam Neasom with EIM and Quit? That was the best build I've ever had installed from You Tube

  16. Mark Johnston says

    Dude, blow your nose….geez

  17. Skill Street says

    I have the build but the Guide has no channels

  18. Felix Brignoni says

    @heckletstech Thanks a lot, Just in time for UFC 219.

  19. Joseph Kurdziolek says

    Some stuff doesn't work no surprise there other than that it works great!!!!

  20. snappybones says

    I hate builds. I just go with addons. For me its much more simple. If i can just add the live tv i would be good.

  21. Gregory Baskerville says

    Did it get shut down, it's saying no contents

  22. Aisel Omerbashi says

    How do you turn this add-on off? It doesn't give me any shut down icon.

  23. Adrian Roberson says

    Cannot download kodi on nexbox a95x please help

  24. Ruben Guajardo says

    how do you turn off the kodi and go back to PC

  25. JitteryRobin990 says

    There's no TV guide on mine

  26. Rebecca Stewart says

    I get to wizard click on it and nothing is there to finish Thanks

  27. kuroaoiookami says

    No TV channels

  28. Cory Giroux says

    Downloaded it no live cable option i got the build with jack black on the start up lol wth any fixes?

  29. ron mckinney says

    Thanks so much bro love it

  30. Yohanna Lyock says

    nice one!

  31. Corin Jones says

    Live tv isn’t an option on mine

  32. Barry Johnson says

    Do you have a url for m3u mp

  33. Jibewa Akowe says

    This is great. However, how do I get the volume to work on CNN US? Thanks

  34. petros30678 says

    i don't see how i can close kodi after this installation any help?

  35. Can't touch This says

    I don't see the live tv section

  36. Sonya Harris says

    I’ve installed this build but I don’t have the guide or the live tv . How can I get my it just like this one? Please help

  37. Daisy Elizabeth says

    Hey heckletstech – I just installed this build, exactly like you said, and there is no Live TV section, and no TV Guide. That was the whole reason I un-installed my previous build and tried this. Did they remove the Live TV section? Or is it temporary and will be put back in an update? Or, is there an additional addon that I need to install to get the Live TV and the Guide? Thank you for your time and your help.

  38. The Beast 956 says

    this is dope appreciate it man

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