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Get always the latest and most secure version of the URL Resolver for KODI 3rd party add-ons like Covenant, Exodus, etc in order for your addons to work correctly and alsi install some amazing new addons from this fantastic new repository.

The Looking Glass Repository (or LookingGlass Repo) comes with great new stuff and apart from the essential URL Resolver you can also enjoy some amazing addons like Project D, Death Streams by MR Blamo (fork of SALTS), Suprabox which is an amazing all in one super addon for KODI, Planet MMA, Serendipity, Kids Nations and more from the wonderful developer Gracie.

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  1. ahmad zahidi Ismail says

    If we keep adding sources and repos, will it effect our memory much. Dies dead repo effect KODI’s operation ?

  2. James Cumming says

    Very nice Dimi thanks.

  3. Nice Man says

    Hello Dimi, why you didn't fix tvOne1 addon?? , I hope fix it in next video,and please tell us why this addon has error avery time? Tell us how we fix it next time…

  4. Tito Jones says

    Hi Dimi thanks always enjoy your videos.

    Thank you again
    God Bless

  5. TY 15 says

    It actually worked on two builds that I've tried so far … thanks Dimi

  6. susu li says


  7. Jason Hawkins says

    great one dimi Thanks

  8. Soulcommander says

    Thats one fast talker! Nice job Dimi!

  9. Gracie Pippy says

    Thanks Demi. -Gracie.

  10. Jason Hawkins says

    Also Dimi crebro tv repo, get through kodil repo, got exodus and covenant and many dandy media stuff in it that works like openload movies

  11. Alan Murray says

    Dimi….you …….complete….. me .

  12. Rick Frier says

    It defers to super repo which is dead , I think I will just use google from now on , tired of donating and have them close it would have been cheaper for me to keep cable after all my donating

  13. capa103162 says

    capa10316213 hours agoMr Dimitrology  How can I stop pairs  every time I open a movie the pairs can on I try everything I went to setting turn off the capture also  I delete the providers How can I stop kodi from updating from 17.3 to 17.6thank you i want to keep it at 17.3

  14. t.o. darthtwice says


  15. Everything Kodi says

    Awesome video

  16. daniel rajkumar says

    hi dimi anything to get wwe ondemand working again on kodi

  17. Keith Perrin says

    Covenent still nor working for me,ive done the update

  18. WORLD SAT says

    THANK YOU Dimitrology

  19. Mehmet Bodur says

    thank you

  20. Charles Chapman says

    I just went to install this, when I open Kodi I saw URL Resolver Updated flash on the corner of my screen, it updated all by itself. You still have that BOOMING sound in your video when you put your left hand down, I guess it's when your hand hits your work area.

  21. carli fritts says

    Are you going to update the boom shakalaka build?

  22. John Papoula says

    Great job as usual, Dimi!

  23. Melvyn Douglas says

    Thanks Dimi, you're the greatest.

  24. dee nuge says

    Nice 1 fella cheers for all you videos

  25. John Waring says

    Everything is looking good DImi!!!! Thanks for the HOOK up!!!!!!!

  26. android playtv says

    Amazing video Dimi everything updated and works. Great work. BOOM!!!!!

  27. Steve Soares says

    Great job !!
    Thank u

  28. david prince says

    dimi think the is a bug in looking glass repo

  29. Giovanni Kearney says


  30. Kodi Best Build says

    great work bro

  31. Artis Taylor says

    How do I get toonmania back on my kodi

  32. Tony Goreham says

    It worked for me but you have to try different streams to get the right one to work . The first streams don't work but they will if you try other ones down the list

  33. capricorn12ful says

    you are the MAN dimi

  34. A yellow46 says

    Thank you, Dimi!!!

  35. Sofia Gambino says

    tikanis, bravoooooooo  efatisoe poli  lol

  36. Zee Dossani says

    brother do you know what is going on with aj addon i am trying to install tv on desitv please help

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