Kodi IPTV Service Providers
  1. Carlou Rathour says

    hi copyed all ur instrutions when I typed in http://bit.ly/just4video. its saying file not found on server. can u help please

  2. Senan Sahlan says

    Hi Solo man. why the iptv I play it for 20sec it stop and back to the list of channel.

  3. Atheer Safar says

    please can you help me . I have message in my iptv say[ the device abnormal] .what shell I do??my device is lool in uk

  4. JA Ferman says

    Awesome intro, man! I didn't even see it coming… LOL

  5. inspire Spike says

    Thanks It is great Help Soloman. No sure you have cover about like Smart Samsung TV IPTV Smart which can use directly on TV to Link.

  6. Hatem Sabrey says

    @SoloMan thank you for this video, may i have your private email i need your help with some STB to play my own local IPTV service

  7. Razial says

    I can't get it to work on my Samsung 7 edge. Can anyone help?

  8. dabig 25 says

    Does it have an EPG?

  9. Hussam Abushtayyah says

    Hi Soloman, I tried to get simple IPTV App but can’t find it on the add on.
    Is there away to add it?

  10. اشرف Hell says

    solo man is a really nice man & he helps people as well ….

  11. Al Therrien says

    Does this still work? I can't get any lists to work. Am I doing something wrong?

  12. tiger s says

    Hello solo man how are you i reset my avov box to factory reset it lost every thing please email me how i can add kodi 16.1 on it thanks.

  13. Ricardo S. Imang says

    Hi, I want 2 view dutch channels on iptv. Can you help me out please?? Thnks in advance.

  14. Jonathan Newman says

    You Rock!

  15. nash oza says

    hi, i m looking for indian iptv which one is good please let me know .

  16. Lordnic Chidi says

    Good job! Remain blessed

  17. pokemonbrooks boss says

    can a add channel number to THE SIMPLEST IPTV
    solo man

  18. tanay saxena says

    Hi Could not do IPTV lease. Pls guide

  19. p green says

    I typed exactly as you did and it didn't work.,….IPTV leeeeest

  20. Jt Teck says

    holla mi pana.. i have ben working on smart ip tv on my samsung smart tv & havent ben able to get it to work i call samsung teck sopurt noting the thay did work plase i ned help..

  21. Adam Zawadzki says

    hey buddy do you know the owner of Star TV IPTV service i would like to give them a try. i got a month from https://www.siptv101.com/product/star/ BUT the support sucks, app does not want to work and not i get error for login, and i can not even get a refund

  22. Colis Caesar says

    the first time it set this up it worked fine, the second time I opened it I keep getting connection failed after buffering for some time.
    I went to (siptv.eu/mylist/) and all my channels were gone, I then replaced them and I'm still getting the same connection fail, what should I do?

  23. Sonu Singh says

    What type in url

  24. Burak Kaya says

    Aq Türkiye de pahalı siz de demi pahalı

  25. Lainey Catherine Rudden says

    Pay to play!!!! That's the way it is now.These apks are not worth it

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