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Hello guys are you ready to leave kodi and get the best IPTV on the market cut the cable and get over 3200 live channels with PVR and on-demand..
dont ever download or stream online without a VPN here is wha i use its super cheap and awesome to use


here are the prices and how to get setup.
email them and tell them (watch this) sent you
or visit them at

$12 for 1 month
$60 for 6 months
$110 for 1 year
and the best deal i have ever seen
$250 for true 4k box (the box in the video) and 1 year iptv subscription

  1. Shahen Sayadian says

    Just search voodoo iptv on eBay, and the best box for IPTV called dreamlink T1 Plus you get time shifting you get recording you get the Guide all on the remote control it's available on eBay. And all the IPTV available on eBay like voodoo ipguys Express TV but I like Voodoo IPTV because you get good guide and time shifting that mean you can watch your show that you missed

  2. ChueyTV says

    hahaha worst video ever. this menu looks like win98 and you call that shitty plastic normal remote "high-end" ??? You must be really retarded if you believe anything you try to tell us here 😀

  3. Ben Barros says

    Gears Tv is wyd better

  4. Ben Barros says

    Gears tv is Way better

  5. Cholas Bucich says

    Don't hate ppl.. I thought it looked pretty solid!! Not bad bro. I may check it out!! Thanks

  6. Honest Fred's says

    voodoo is not the best iptv server in the market. Very deceptive title, voodoo has no 4K streams.

  7. Joseph Kelly says

    Hey Ares, this service looks great. I contacted your guys but there's no website for people to see or know more about there service. I don't think anyone would want to just use a paypal link and send money for the service and their box without seeing anything. I think they need to work on sharing more information to interested individuals. One thing I appreciated the most was their immediate response to my emails. thats was really cool

  8. MiTreasureHunter says

    4K over the internet is way over rated! It's going to Buffer all to Hell even with a 75mbps connection, needs way to much bandwidth.

  9. Greg Smith says

    how long does it take to get the box?

  10. Jim Counter says

    Very helpful man other end helped me set it up working great

  11. AFG Roman says

    Hey is the price in Canadian dollars or American?

  12. dunky dog says

    why would leave kodi ..iptv is live

  13. cayman2010 says

    What's the actually box called?

  14. cayman2010 says

    I have this box and it goes by the label of MaxTV – the remote actually sucks!! You have to be literally pointing DIRECTLY or it won't find the box. Looking for something with blueetooth.

  15. Marc Proulx says

    Sorry bud mipiptv.com rocks.it the absolute best get your free trial. Full working EPG 7500 Channels from 53 different countries. Most 1080 P Channels

  16. Ray Cavazos says

    Do you have to buy one of their boxes? I have a Nividia box and a new Minix box and just download the software and pay the monthly fee?

  17. owen thomas says

    http://setvnow.com/#blazin23 best iptv service you wont disappointed

  18. arvin perdido says

    how could i get subscription for this service

  19. MrGolddenboy says

    Mipiptv.com absolutely the best IPTV

  20. Brian Field says

    Where's the 4k shit?

  21. joe martinez says

    I like the menu for this box does anyone know if it's possible to make my box menu look like this

  22. HEBERGHOST says

    The best iptv provider more than 7700 channel here: http://iptvpromo.com/

  23. Tite Paget says

    to expensive i want free

  24. jetcarful says

    excuse me, who is the IPTV from the video?

  25. Reece Moffatt says

    Box looks a pile of shite

  26. Ramases Bullock says

    Nothing beats the shield tv

  27. Kimani Francis says

    What is the actual name of the box

  28. IPTV Service says

    Visit http://myiptvplanet.com to buy stable IPTV Service.
    User coupon: save2 (to save $2 on your order) Expires: 12/31/2017
    Server: STAR TV

  29. jacek truskawka says

    How many polish channels on the box?

  30. joao paulo Almeida says

    why buying in this site http://www.iptvservices726.com for 280 dollares if they have here for half of the price https://smart-stb.com/shop/premium-iptvott-set-top-box/1-home-strong-hs-257.html

  31. stevie henry says

    what minimum internet speed i need to run this service without buffering

  32. Mapril Ganhao says

    I like to know witch channels it gets from portugal

  33. The Off Grid Prepper says

    does it have korean channels

  34. Eighty Seven says

    How do you get the actual service once you paid for a subscription

  35. twisicorne twisigames says

    This really works. Not exactly straight forward to setup the service on android box but once done it's amazing. Just like the vid. Great quality, no lag. This is it.. the Kodi killer.

  36. hustling hitman says

    The PVR looks cool.

  37. Ben Barros says

    Your WiFi must be weak

  38. Ben Barros says


  39. Marcin kłos says

    Where is buy ?

  40. mcibus2000 says

    Whats the IPTV service called that comes with the box? Perfect TV? IPTV Guys? etc.?

  41. Daniel Saxon says

    Just had a great experience setting up my IPTV with these people. Noah in particular helped me every step of the way setting it up on my Android box. Would recommend to anyone thinking about doing this.

  42. Adrian says

    Still waiting!! Paid 24 hours ago

  43. Ismael Rodriguez says

    Will this work with the Dreamlink T1?

  44. Ismael Rodriguez says

    I got the service but it’s $20 a month not $12 🙁 thanks Obama!

  45. Rebecca Kemp says

    There may be 3200 Channels but 3000 almost are in another Nationality…lol..theres like 80 English and same Dish tv…the rest is islamic italian portugese which no one watches

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