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The Best Android TV Box? 2017

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On this video i will share with you guys what i believe to be the Best Android TV Box for 2017 in 4 different categories:

– Best Hardware –
– Best Price for the Performance –
– Best TV Experience –
– Best Budget – &

The individual reviews of all machines can be found here

Wireless Remote Control Comparison:
Gamepad Comparison:
Mini PC´s Win 10:
Mobile Devices:

With the help of this great community, here we are back for a season ending.

As usual all the choices are my opinion but based on all the experiences that i had with these machines and hopefully will help to decide which box is the right for your self.

Also i would like to hear your experiences down bellow on the comments so that we can get a nice discussion going on and that it helps to build the Best Android TV Box 2017 Video.

Hope it helps
Roberto Jorge ?

Latest Android TV Boxes Reviewed:

– Nvidia Shield TV
– Minix U9-H
– Wetek Play 2
– Xiaomi Mi Box 3
– Beelink Gt1 / GT1 Ultimate
– Minix U1
– Zidoo X9S
– Ugoos UT4
– Ugoos AM1
– Dolamee D6
– Nexbox A95X
– Probox Air Plus
– Beelink SEA I
– MyGica ATV 495
– MyGica ATV 1900
– Wetek Hub
– Yundoo Y8
– MX Max
– Tronsmart Vega S95
– Wetek Core
– Himedia Q10 Pro
– NexBox N9
– Ziddo X6 Pro
– Ziddo X5
– Ziddo X1
– MX IV Tellos
– MX III – G
– Probox EX2 Plus
– Tronsmart Orion R68
– M8S Plus
– Minix Z64 Windows 8.1
– Minix Z64 Android
– Minix X8HPlus Andoid TV Box
– Xtreamer Wonder Andoid TV Box
– Wetek Play Andoid TV Box
– Beelink iOne Andoid TV Box
– Probox 2 EX Andoid TV Box
– MX III Andoid TV Box
– MX IV Andoid TV Box
– Minix X6 Andoid TV Box
– Ziddo X9 Andoid TV Box
– M8S Andoid TV Box
– Bluetimes RK3288 Andoid TV Box
– Instabox Phantom MX4 Andoid TV Box
– Instabox Fantasy A8 Andoid TV Box
– Rikomagic MK12 Andoid TV Box
– Ubox RK 3288 Andoid TV Box
– Mobie Solo Andoid TV Box
– XS Box Andoid TV Box

Windows Mini PC´s:
– Beelink BT3 Pro
– Minix Z83-4
– Minix NGC-1
– Minix Z64 Windows
– Beelink BT7
– Beelink BT3
– Tronsmart Ara X5 Plus
– Wintel Dual OS

Portable Devices:
– Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet
– GPD Android
– GPD Windows 10
– Chuwi Hibook 12
– Xiaomi Mipad 2
– Cube iWork 10

  1. ScreamingDeaf says

    Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot for this interesting and well made video!

  2. Elektric4rog says

    Roberto… I wonder if you can help me find an Android box that allow multiple screen (2) display or a slide show (2 or 3 tab-slides). Note that one screen/slide will be the screen of a downloaded app. Low cost is a definite plus.

  3. Michael BMW says

    The best one is?

  4. Luke Cogley says

    Hello Roberto Jorge, between this boxes which do you recommend:
    -Nvidia nshield
    -minix u9
    -Amazon Fire tv
    -Roku stick+
    -Google Chromecast ultra
    -minix windows box

    I want the box for use Kodi and Netflix

  5. Luke Cogley says

    And in a windows box if I update Kodi I don’t have to start from scratch right?

  6. FC says

    Video starts at 1:49

  7. Isaac Bertram says

    What would be the best box to get for only watching movies off my 8tb external hard drive? Also can I delete videos on the ehd from the box?

  8. What sucks with these media streamers is the remote. The remote sends RF instead of IR. For those that have a entertainment control rooms the RF remotes will not work properly through walls and floors. Also you can not use a programmable remotes. I hate switching from remote to remote. I have all my video and audio equipment outside of my living room. I had a Google play box 2 years ago and you could not control the system behind closed doors.

  9. andrew blower says

    Shield tv 2017 is excellent for emulators ,its just a dream at runnin dreamcast,saturn,gamecube,psp ,wii and mame 2016, and damn its good at streaming

  10. SpankyMyTanky says

    So Dracula does voice overs now? Nice!

  11. Ted K says

    you got the hardware wrong on the first box

  12. mgyuri71 says

    Hey guys; I love all these reviews, but I'm so dumb to it that I don't understand half of it. All I need is live TV, tonsa movies and maybe some game, without a monthly prescription. Furthermore, I do not own a smart phone (yes, I am one of those guys from the cave)…Which one is the very best that I wouldn't need to update all the time and lose the device quickly with newer updates? All help are welcomed! Thanks in advance to you all!

  13. Birgir Brynjólfsson says

    Hi Roberto and thx for the youtube channel big help for me,
    but is it possible to mask the android tv box to fool netflix to stream hd ?

    and one more does the minix play netflix in hd i am thinking about upgrading my box thanks agan from the land of ice and fire Islandia and happy new year

  14. Hafiq Iqmal says

    Why is Tanix TX9 Launcher is the best than the rest?? lols

  15. Jonathan wyatt says

    I considered the Minix box but it wasn't really cheaper than the shield once you get the remote too. I got shield for 150 so it wasn't worth the 20 bucks difference when you consider it doesn't even run nouget. I put the mi boxes in the bedrooms because I wanted to buy my product and have it in my hand and they sold them at Walmart. I've had nothing but bad experiences with gear worst.

  16. Heaven Kun says

    the best for iptv experience ?

  17. YasoAMTV says

    This is the best one ever!!! You can stream everything for free NO LIMITS… https://youtu.be/OszGXcLpyww

  18. Sunshine blueskytvbox says

    All are best tv box show.

  19. Choc Peace&Love says

    What's the best box for kodi and under $100

  20. Tirulew says

    Hi, im searching a Android TV Box with Android TV OS and a reliable remote with Air mouse including keyboard. Running 4k Videos would be good but its not deadly necessary – full hd (1080p) would be enough. I just want to watch netflix and ip tv via smart ip tv or Kodi. My key req is that it should be under 100€ all in all. What would you recommend?
    Thanks in advance!

  21. Israel Serna says

    Just got a 4k tv and right now have a firestick but want to upgrade to something that I can watch better resolution. What would u recommend that's easy to work with and has awesome video resolution?

  22. BISRUT JOSHI says

    Awesome video

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