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  1. Kyle Nicholl says

    Hi have u got one ee please

  2. Ryan C says

    Hi, was just wondering if you could help me? I don't know alot about this subject but Basically I'm having issues with getting my VPN (IPVanish) to work properly. I have Virgin Media and recently purchased IPVanish and installed it on my Laptop, x2 Android boxes and iPhone but I'm struggling to get any sort of good speeds when connecting via Wifi (from Laptop) or Ethernet (Android Box). I dont know if its my Virgin Media Hub3 or if its Windows or Kaspersky on my laptop that blocks it. Also if I'm on my Android box and connect the VPN (via Ethernet cable) it kicks my Laptop off the internet and can't re-connect it, and if I'm on my Laptop and connect the VPN (via WIFI) the Broadband speed drops from 40mb to 5mb. If you could help in anyway it would be much appreciated. I've had the VPN for over a month now and I havent really been able to use it or my Android boxes. IPVanish Support havent been able to help either. Can you help plzzzz?

  3. PAUL FLEMING says

    Kr55fbv and the father and the nephew are the only one t you have

  4. Mario Neves says

    Hi I live in Sydney Aus. The new place I live in only has ADSL2!!! Which has very low speeds . To get around thus problem I got a moblie 4g. Everything was food until last sunday when everthing google (youtube play ets) and netflix stopped working. This only works when I am connected to the tower near my house and with the same equipment when I access from a diferent localtion all is normal. After more then 5 days the provider says its the tower that is congested but previously I had no problems. This leads me to the conclusion that the provider is deliberatly blocking me. Can you help ? THANK YOU

  5. charles parnell says

    I canceled my tv channels last Wednesday, Thursday, 2 computers and android kodi17.6 would no longer work at all. This is on Rogers in Canada.I tried reinstalling kodi, no luck, installed kodi17.3 and its working with the newest url resolver.Tried again to update kodi 17.6, instant not working again, so back on 17.3. I do have ipvanish, didn't make a difference.

  6. Art Brantley III says


  7. patrick jordan says

    How do i stop virgin blocking my streaming

  8. Jeff Welch says

    How about exede or the new name viasat?

  9. Aldora Daroda says

    Please do one with EE. I can’t find anything on it

  10. Donna Johnson says

    Please help : I’m using an iPhone 7 and I’ve just changed from EE to Virgin. I suddenly can’t access certain websites! No idea how to sort this!!

  11. Silvana B says

    at&t is killing me please help – kodi now running like shit

  12. Marijane Sanchez says

    Could you look into how to stop blocking with Spectrum provider?  Thanks

  13. Brookseylad Brookseylad says

    Southern Electric??

  14. RCS Media Group says

    How do you disable that on Xfinity?

  15. John Loie Saldua says

    how to use that philipines

  16. Neil Wells says

    I have NOW TV and it won't allow anything on Kodi!!!!!

  17. Anne.M. Kenyon says

    Hi Doc, on my plusnet fibre, I do not have 'smart setup', but it does say DHCP server, and that is ticked as yes. Should I check the'no' instead? I don't want to bugger everything up ;D many thanks for all the help you give!

  18. Stormie Hawkins says


  19. Dave Hall says

    How about att uverse

  20. Mystery says

    did nothing for me

  21. Ghani Khan says

    muhammad subhan.

  22. goodppls welcome says


  23. Sam Withoutlimits says

    any help for ATT? I get those no stream messages ALL THE TIME. Please help

  24. anthony bissonnette says

    I just got ipvanish but everything is super slow how can I fix this?

  25. Danay Breon says

    Suddenlink says add on not allowed can you help

  26. Debbie Patton says

    I with to your site and see what you talking about.

  27. Debbie Patton says

    Hi went to type in the information but got confuse when I saw admin. and login. I tried both and never saw smart setup or advance set.

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