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RELOADED TV FREE TRIAL!!! ** Premium Iptv With Tv Catchup

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Reloaded Tv just released today! This is premium iptv service with a built in dvr, live sports scores and full guide! Learn how to install Realoaded Tv right now!


USERNAME: reloaded


After trial you can purchase Reloaded Tv iptv from here for $18.50/Month:

Reloaded Tv facebook:

GearsTv facebook:

Mayfair Guides facebook:

  1. Anthony Rose says

    Yo I have both Gears tv and Mayfair guide, should I get both???

  2. Carlos Jim says

    I keep getting could not connect to repository I checked the link spelled everything right is it down for you too as of right now??

  3. Bryant Aguilar says


  4. Michael J says

    Not really seeing the value over Vader Streams. Less variety of channels, the regular streams aren't as stable (their catchup on the other hand seems rock solid), and Vader's multi stream availability is huge if you have more then one person in a household that wants to use it. Even costs more to boot. For $18.50/per I'd expect a little more.

  5. R VH says

    Can you send direct link ?

  6. STOLEN EARTH says


  7. It's Tank says

    I have been using Gears for a while tried Reloaded the night it came out and purchased it instantly because of the catchup and Mayfair Guide integrated into it. You really only need both Gears and Reloaded if you have a family of 3 or 4. I ditched Gears and purchased Reloaded since I live alone and I have Real Debrid so I really don’t need StreamsRus after trial ends

  8. James Ward says

    No Movies section. Tapping out. Set TV you can watch it on 3 devices, movie and TV section, sports and more for $20.00. This one fell in comparison to some of the other IPTV Services. Not a bargain

  9. Karlin Williamson says

    Is the free trial up. I wanted to demo, to see if I wanted to add to gears. Thanks

  10. David Smith says

    can u only use this on Kodi or can you use it on Perfect player or even its own APK thanks

  11. Abel says

    So say if you have a GearsTv account already if you purchase this you would just create a new username?

  12. TacticalPower88 says

    Thanks wey

  13. Nick Smith says

    username and password do not work

  14. juzuvloke says

    These guys over charged me two month's, blamed me for it and then banned me when I reached out to my bank. Horrible customer service…

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