Kodi IPTV Service Providers
  1. RacerX nunyab says

    Yes sir I have been doing it this way the whole time 😛

  2. Rafael Ramirez says

    what version of nextpvr is this ?

  3. Swifty Swift says

    i got 401 unauthorized error when i tried to play a show

  4. Joe Brown says

    What I can here you

  5. Daniel Townend says

    Thanks mate, really helped me out!

  6. Kenneth Nicklowicz says

    I can't get it to work. Tried flexus and jesusbox hit or miss and once it loads change channel whole server crashes

  7. Angelo Restrepo says

    Can the backend be a android box? If not could I use Linux Mint duo core pc as the backend connected 24/7?

  8. Coifox1 says

    I am following the instructions correctly, I even have a similar service to you, the url's are very close, the XMLTV for the EPG is almost exact, the username and password are obviously different. But when I use both, I can't get a picture or the guide, if I just setup with the m3u URL, I can get picture for the channel I select, but I can't then setup recordings??? Any idea? Thank you.

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