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Watch tons of FREE TV in KODI using the Stalker Blue!

Enjoy all the channels Works like BUTTER!!

Simply Add the following repo:

Follow the instructions in the video and enjoy! ?The Newtech Best TV Boxes for KODI Store on Amazon Always Updated?

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Always use a VPN when watching IPTV, MOVIES etc.

I recommend IP Vanish, due to their Zeo LOG policy and speed.

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Always use a VPN when using your favorite add-ons. VPNs encrypt your online activity and allow you access to blocked content.
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What Devices Do I cover

Plex, Kodi, Nvidia Shield, BeeLink, Fire TV, Firestick, Android Phones, Android TV boxes, and how to use this With Kodi media center, also smart TV, installing kodi on smart tv and installing Kodi on any device. What can you do with this type of setup. You can do the following:

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No Buffering, on some of these addons. Some of my favorite are:

Zen TV Kodi Addon
Phoenix Kodi Addon
UK Turks
Sports Devil

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Oh By the way Keep in Mind..

Kodi is a registered trademark of the XBMC Foundation. This content is in no way connected to or affiliated with Kodi, Team Kodi, or the XBMC Foundation. No wizards, builds or addons are 3rd party, and are no way connected to myself or Kodi. These videos are for education only. Learn how to install Kodi and run the best kodi builds on my channel it doesn’t matter if you are using Kodi 16, Kodi 17.5, if it’s a fire stick or the new fire tv 4k. You will see the best Kodi builds on my channel and you will also explore many wizards like Ares Wizard, and how to get kodi setup for live tv and free cable tv, all the stuff on my channel is free. There is many best builds on my channel I also show you how to install terrarium tv on fire stick or any amazon fire tv device. I also show you complete Kodi setup and how to use kodi properly and stop kodi buffering on many devices including kodi beelink device, nvidia shield, fire tv 4k, fire stick and fire tv, installing kodi on firestick is very easy, jailbraking a firestick is simple and on my channel I will teach you how to do this on KODI, kodi 18 is also coming out and is very stable and soon will be even more stable, 17.5 is running good, kodi 17.4 runs ok. Kodi used to be called XBMC foundation which was the official company of KODI, there is a few people involved in the kodi project which is open source, there is other APK’s which are great for kodi iptv like swiftstreamz apk, also zion tv, terrarium tv like i said and also livenettv apk, exodus kodi addon is not working very good now but elysium and covenant kodi addon is good, phoenix kodi addon is not longer working but as soon as there is kodi addon update or how to update kodi you will find this information on my channel and thank you for watching everything about Kodi.

  1. Acosta XBMC says

    Good video but no mention me on that one,, the blue Stalker Acosta creation ,,,you probably did not know

  2. Rolando Thompson says

    nice video

  3. JstOne says

    Absolutely Stellar Work!!!
    I subbed!

  4. arvind padhiar says

    sorry its not working so good, i click on pakistani, indian, sports,south indian , etc…….its spining and spining.

  5. Cody Hall says

    ok the program keeps timing out whats up with that

  6. Zulu Ripper says

    Does it have VH1?

  7. BigFredddy68 says

    Went down Authorization Failed!!

  8. Curly Howard says

    I have been with xbmc or rather kodi as it is now called since its conception. And I have yet to see an IPTV Stalker that works, or eventually won't require money. Plain and simple. Many people have their IPTV Stalker only to get shut down by the FCC. I think this guy does great videos. But the truth be told. This IPTV Blue will follow the way of others before it. asking you to subscribe. Just as Dexter TV. They got your attention now they want your money.

  9. H says

    says authorisation failed?

  10. Bringo Brango says

    I keep getting a Authorization failed when I start it up

  11. Angel Gonzalez says

    Webt down wtf goin not woking no more

  12. BlackOniX says

    when you know of more news or getting working again , let me know

  13. Ms Manus says

    It's not working what do I do?

  14. Dominic Fuller says

    nope.. failed

  15. Shugga Brown says

    Followed everything, when I click on "stalker blue list" says authorization failed. What can I do to solve this? Thank you.

  16. DJ DURO says

    is this add on for the past couple of days now?

  17. Radoslav Trahanov says

    IPTVStalker Blue no longer in that repo

  18. sheri may says

    it stalker is NOT working for me, I followed video perfectly HELP !!

  19. Steven says

    I'm an Uber virgin to smart TVs… Just got a 2015 model Samsung. Adult only programming, 1st run movies, PPV sports, whats my best option? Also, is there anyway to conect my IPhone and IPad to my TV to play movies music? Thanks for any help…

  20. 2pacOneNation07 says

    can't find it in the list, just has iptv thats it

  21. Muzz Marshall says

    No longer included in the Merlin Addon (sniffle)

  22. Willie Vega says

    When I go to video addons it doesn't appear on the list

  23. Tommy Collins says

    @newtechevolution Is there any other way to get this addon?

  24. Joshua W says

    I'm having the same issues as some other comments… Opened the repo, no Stalker Blue… Wtf man?

  25. Joshua W says

    hooked up Pegasus Live TV instead, and a lot of broken-ness

  26. donald piper says

    I am having a hard time download the live TV I went to a lot of sights on YouTube to download it and all of them give me a hard time and I did on both computers so if you don't mind you could you please help me find another way to get live TV sports and pay-per-view and you know all that good stuff okay I'm looking forward to hear from you back if you need money phone number or you want to email me it's I'll give you my email address and you could tell me how to do it step-by-step or use up to you you could do it a little short video okay I will trust me I spend at least 2 to 3 hours trying to figure it out and it's killing me please help me I would like to get the live TV on my computer so I can watch it okay thanks I appreciate it very much

  27. Nneka Peterson says

    It's not coming up 🙁

  28. 以蔵岡田 says

    this "FREE" iptv never last because they hack mac addresses from paid users, which are easy to catch :/

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