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Kodi new free live TV IPTV Addon with USA/UK/Latino and other international links, plus Sports section plus a fantastic 24/7 Movies and 24/7 TV Shows. This is a new addon that has been released October 2017 and the possibility for improvements in the future as well. Share this video to support the developer of this addon

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Please watch: “Best Kodi 17.5 build 2017 fully loaded and working with free movies sports addons – ONE Alliance”


  1. kevin shaw says

    Cheers husham, working great?

  2. hugh albe says

    Easy install, works good only thing I see is all live channels are SD about the same as Mobdro. Still a good backup if nothing else

  3. G D says

    +husham memar, how can I get the 2001live strip club live feed? Players klub was offering it then they cut it out. Any idea where I can get it?

  4. Alfred Griffin says

    another great one love it

  5. John Danso says

    Good job

  6. Puerto Rico says

    Ty Husham your the man keep it coming.

  7. Andrew Hunter says

    Love the top tom and Jerry rule

  8. muhammad shafiq says

    hi plz tell me a addons which Indian and pakistani all channels working without buffring

  9. aziz idaddi says


  10. Terry Stokes says

    Can't connect to repository….help me bruh?

  11. Kodi Best Build says

    Awesome Husham

  12. Noor Ahmad Nazari says

    Hi I have been watching your videos for a while now. I have an M8 S box and for several months now my box has a problem with the sound. Basically whenever I play YouTube for like 1 or so it’s good but after that it cuts the sound like there will be no sound every 15-20 seconds for 1-2 seconds. Kind of completely muting the sound for that period of 1-2 seconds. I was wondering if you can please tell me how to fix this issue. I would appreciate it. Thank you for all your helpful videos

  13. zxzv1 says

    Failed to install dependency! Grrr !

  14. Z Salty says

    Very bad quality. Not good. Even not compared with SD.

  15. Iain Doherty says

    Could you do a video explaining how to run terrarium on Kodi without installing a specific build (if it’s possible)

  16. khaled alkawaja says

    السلام عليكم اخي الكريم في شي طريقة اقدر نزل اداون تبع قنوات ال atn مرة شفته بس ما عد لقيته و شكرا

  17. Derrick Robinson says

    When i opened there was nothing there. Any ideas???

  18. Jennifer Dudley says

    It's not working for me?

  19. mikesaena81 says

    Kicks me out when I try clicking on a channel I’m using an iPhone

  20. david johns says

    Best video so far about this topic

  21. George Quinten says

    After installing repo video section in repo is empty, nothing to install

  22. jslick419 says

    Thanks jus added it

  23. Danielle George says

    I can open the app, but it does not allow me to view a channel.

  24. Elizabeth Wiltshire says

    is not working for me

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