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MyTV IPTV Channel List 2017 Part.1

31 71

3000 Channels MyTV IPTV including English, Sports, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and +more

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  1. Keith Hill says

    Forgot to ask what the provider of this one is?

  2. Adrian Bolger says

    What an amazing list.

  3. Jason Cleaver says

    What's the point of 2900 channels if we can only understand 150 of them ?

  4. Pickpocket72 says

    If you give it up I would love to have it but who ever gets it congrats

  5. Barry Ward says

    Honest Fred keep it coming

  6. Brian Redmond says

    yes please

  7. Brian Redmond says

    good work

  8. J Martinez says

    very clean and organized.

  9. fareed mahamdally says

    you got 2,500 hundred world live tv in HD for $6.99 subscription for one month .https://q-hdtv.com/shop/

  10. Donald Riddle says

    What am I missing where is the download link

  11. Augusto Fernandes says

    is this for free or subs, then I suppose once you have paid, BOOM everything disappears. however, I like your presentation.

  12. Carlos Saenz says


  13. Shean Dearmas says

    can you put this app on your Amazon Fire stick

  14. strugariu ilie says

    como posso pedir un test? strugariuilie2000@yahoo.com

  15. Honest Fred's says

    Hey guys I'm not a reseller. I'm only posting up videos on different servers. I don't run any of these servers. If you want free trials or subscriptions I made a video on how to get those. So please watch

  16. Heudy Depaula says

    Hi, do this work on a Mag 256?

  17. suwo rt says

    i am impressed by this list. is it a risk of being punished by using this? i mean i am quite sure this is not fully legal. so how do you order this list safely and protect yourself?

  18. Edwin Vasquez says

    hey can you tell me , what its the iptv App your using?, am looking for one, and how to get it?.. your the best..

  19. 3430049 Yes says

    cool stuff bro! This is the one of the best server for all HD channels. ! lots of sports, and International channels!

  20. Umesh Bx says

    Is this better than flawless server?

    Also where do you buy your servers from (I'm using zgemma i55 and i bought mine from guy from fb, but want to learn myself)

  21. bigFLOrin says

    Great reviews please honest can you confirm if dutch and chinese channels working

  22. Uche chukwu says

    Hi Fred, I want to buy what is the proceedure? Respond to me at uchehy@gmail.com

  23. Giorgio Idone says

    Hi honest Fred i want to get my IPTV working if you can help me please..

  24. Giorgio Idone says

    Hey Fred were can I go to pay for IPTV  please I love your stuff thanks ..

  25. Giorgio Idone says

    hi honest fred can you let me know what IPTV you are using please thank you..l have message you on facebook too and here ..

  26. russ walker says

    assuming these channels for like… UK are not GEoblocked…?

  27. Lay Zee says

    In your opinion what is the best/are some of the best IPTV provider(s) based on UK and US channel selection and stream quality. I'm with express for 3 months atm. Do you think anyone can beat them?

  28. houze muzik says

    Does it have the sport packages NFL, MLB,NHL,NBA ?

  29. Yohannes Hm says

    Thank you for your support and your time . please i wish more Canadian and African chanalles ,

  30. Darren husarski says

    what provider is this?

  31. daburn2013 says

    Thank you honest fred

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