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Canadian IPTV CHANNELS available for OK2. Channels from Ontario, Halifax, Quebec, Vancouver etc. Also Available Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, Filipino, South Asian Channels. Plus VOD

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  1. Askeem Williams says

    Couldn't find your new Facebook page Fred

  2. Justin Rogers says

    Is this free or paid IPTV?

  3. Askeem Williams says

    No audio on this video? I can't hear anything

  4. wendy fenelon says

    Let me see The Haitian channels Fred

  5. Victor Jaimes says

    Hi Fred. Where can you find the website for information on subscription to this IPTV service?. From the different IPTV services that you had reviewed, do you recall any that has good variety of US/CA channels, and also Latino Channels? It's good if they have many channels, but I am particularly interested in English and Spanish audio TV channels. I don't do anything with all the other bunch of channels in different languages… Thanks.

  6. Mr Dalton says

    fred what u up to ? never put out any info on these iptv?????????????????????????????????????

  7. Ignacio Sanchez says

    How can I get this? No information. Please, let us know. Thanks

  8. Modar Xinlin says

    Hi Fred! I wanna try it… Can u please tell me how?

  9. Shahjee Vlogs says

    Thank you nice video ???

  10. Honest Fred's says

    trying not to get banned again lol. Please guys join my Facebook group search "Honest Fred Fosu and Friends" and I can answer more detailed questions. Im all about helping fellow Canadians.
    Also I made a video on how to get iptv, if u look closely all the info necessary is there

  11. Honest Fred's says

    Mani had to remove the link cause I don't have person just yet.

  12. James Reale says

    need the link for this.

  13. Rodney Middleton says

    Hi Fred, if you get a chance please check out The Wildside IPTV service. Would like to get your honest opinion on that one. Im new to all this Kodi, IPTV stuff. I just need the basic channels, ESPN, PPV (for the fights) and CNN for my news. Anything more than 300 US channels is a little overwhelming to me. Trying to stay around $10. buck per month, or if you have a good recommendation would be great. Please advise and keep up the good work.

  14. Jerry B. says

    Ok2 has a lot of channels for Canadian, but their servers aren't good… Sometimes channels from a whole section are down or are not working properly for several days… They need to fix this issue instead of adding more channels…

  15. Erick Mauricio Castillo Gomez says

    I need information please

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