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Limitless IPTV Review

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In this video I review the subscription IPTV service from Limitless TV. Limitless has more channels and languages than I have seen from any other service yet. The performance is generally good and the service is as reliable as I have yet experienced from an all around IPTV provider.

If you want to find out more about subscribing to Limitless IPTV or would like to subscribe please join the Supreme Builds Facebook Group at and search within the group for Limitless. Do not post on the page about IPTV, PM people directly and to get a good deal on service.

The limitless IPTV addon can be found by adding in the Kodi source or by going to the supreme builds repo site which is and then clicking inside of the kodi-addons folder.


Supreme Builds Repo Addresses: PRIMARY = ——- SECONDARY =

Supreme Builds Facebook Group:

Real-Debrid setup and review video:

If you want to sign up for Real-Debrid:

If you want to sign up for an All Debrid account:


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  1. Donald Cari says

    When I click on show it goes to choose stream
    Switch option isn't there

  2. Cody Avery says

    Is there a video on how to get the titanium build on the home screen of nvidia shield??? And is there a way to do multiple builds on the home screen?

  3. Tall man says

    Good video ??

  4. AJ Beauford says

    Having issues logging in can anyone help me out

  5. Tyson Randolph says

    Video showed how it works but how do I get into the service.

  6. C Lister says

    KS What's up man? During your last show I indicated SportsAccess isn't working for me. It errors out when I attempt to subscribe. I think Spectrum may be up to something cause it's happening to a few other people I know. So I'm trying to get Limitless going. I subscribed to your FB page a couple days ago "Cee Lister", but I haven't been accepted. I need your help Cool Dude…

  7. dmutakabbir says

    I have geartv and setv now both are great check them out

  8. Aletheia2power says

    Do you have the list of channels.

  9. Calub Bryne says

    I've got limitless on my titanium, but when you're going to live tv I don't have that option, all I have is free live TV and paid live tv so I don't have the option to go to TV guide or TV channels. Did I not set it up right or? Please excuse the fact that I'm a newb

  10. Ronald Corbin says

    I' m fairly new to ALL of this, and you mentioned not stay on a channel because of copyright issues. Is it illegal to watch these channels?

  11. MrHazgod says

    HI HAVE YOU CHANNEL SKY ITA (italienne) ?

  12. Jessica Lay says

    Won't let me sign in on Kodi but will on the website. Have any suggestions?

  13. Chad Milner says

    It won't let me in to limitless IPTV it's asking for a password

  14. Ton Jones says

    I got limitless after watching your review and I have to say so far it has been crap ,I mean the free streams on ivue are better and they really suck ,I have sent them messages about bad channels ,no guide ,constant buffering ,nothing working at all . And I only got one response saying clear my cache…not very helpful . Does limitless actually work for anybody or did I just pick a bad month to try it out ?

  15. jan rich says

    Hi I have joined the band group, and tried everywhere to sign up to Limitless. Nobody has been in touch, could you please tell me how I can sign up to Limitless Thanks a lot Jan

  16. daniel hornecker says

    Requested to join the group. I'm ready to roll with limitless after this vid

  17. Davison Thomas says

    I installed the ES file Explorer manager, but when I open it, it does nothing .   There are words that describe what ES File Explorer does.  But I am unable to click anything.  I have M9C

  18. mike hunt says

    I got limitless threw a mods repo the supreme builds crashed never worked for me

  19. Ryan "Bench Monster" Kennelly says

    I set up limitless on my titnaium build and the live tv shows keep kicking me out after 1-7 seconds? sometimes i re clik on that same live tv channel and then it will work, but a ton of live tv channels keep doing this? any ideas? not impressed thus far with this issue.

  20. Prey521 says

    Goodfellas IPTV has a much better layout, but limitless isn't bad.

  21. mark bray says

    How do you get a subscription? Requested to join Facebook group but no response as yet… is there any other way to subscribe?

  22. Marquis Harrell says

    where you go to get a username and password

  23. CableCast says

    Hey please checkout my channel to see iptv express.

  24. Michael Stepanenko says

    where can i see a channel list and signup?

  25. Russell Swindlehurst says

    Really enjoyed your tutorial sir, went to the Limitless website to try and pay for a month subscription, but my provider will not let me get past the payment page because of something called Bitcoins, I am surprised that they dont use visa or paypal. Can you help, or point me in the right direction. thanks again for all the hard work you put in to produce your excellent videos.

  26. john ortegel says

    I have limitless v2 is it any different than limitless?

  27. Lemon Juice says

    this is the worst service I ever head ! they help you setup but don't hold your breath, until you got your answer for your question
    oh yeah sure Channels ?!!! terrible ! not Full Hd !!! don't except !! waste of $$$$ forget it ! keep looking other Iptv service. don't waste your time.

  28. KrissyChic says

    Maybe I've been going to the wrong Facebook page but I've left two messages on how to connect with whatever deals you have for Limitless IPTV. It's been over a week and haven't heard a word from you or anyone else about what you suggested in this video. Please tell me how to get in touch with you so that I can connect to Limitless through your Reseller account. Thanks, Krissy

  29. dlos1987 says

    Stay away from Limitless. Shit only buffers. I have V2. Should be called Worthless

  30. Abe Cipriano says

    I tried Set tv for 3 days and it was pretty good and reliable, so could you review and compare with this? Does Limitless work on PC?

  31. Cristina C. says

    How long it takes to activate the account since the order is placed? I just did mine and there's been more than 3 hours nothing happened. Should I receive an email a new username and password after activation ?

  32. Dwayne Bryant says

    How do I sign up for an account to get limitless iptv?

  33. anievestor says

    I am shopping around the IPTV that I bought for one month does not impress me. One of the things that annoy me is that when I click on a channel it is not showing what the guide says. Is this a problem with limitless as well? Or is this a problem with all IPTV's? Thanks for a great video. I really appreciate the video and the info.

  34. Horace Soward says

    Just tried to install , message says "Couldn't be found."

  35. Horace Soward says

    I was using Kodi 17.6.

  36. Ron James says

    I've noticed that on any Magbox (254 0r 260) that the channel scrolling speed is really slow. From what I've been reading Its a result of the resolution of the icons being to large. Lower the resolution, remove the scroll lag. I hope someone from limitless is reading this,

  37. Jeff Edge says

    Hi there. Loved ur presentation. Can you tell me how to subscribe to limitless iptv. Can't seem to find the websiteThanks….jeff

  38. macker b says

    When i download mine it says password

  39. The Off Grid Prepper says

    good video , might try just canceled direct today hurray, question can customise the guide instead of going thru 600 channels

  40. Harald Landwehr says

    Did subscribe to Limitless one week ago, but I am disappointed. Generally good app, but US regional sports channels (CSN; Fox, NESN…) did not work for one second so far, same with ESPN3 sports feeds. Will monitor for three more weeks, but so far, no reason to lengthen…

  41. Smoke N Salmon says

    Ran across your video surfing. I like and Subscribe. ?? thank you

  42. James Hildreth says

    I enabled IPTV and I decided I don’t want to Pay for Internet TV so how do I delete Addons I decide that I don’t want? Do I just go to systems and uninstall it? Is it better to use Repo to add content instead of just adding the Addon? I thought I heard Addons don’t update but Repos do. Also do you have a video on how to Backup your Build? I’d like to use backup and also drop it to a memory stick to add it to a 2nd Fire TV Box I also tried the Canadian TV and it didn’t work,do I need to enable it or update it. I’m trying to do it the right way so I don’t mess up the Build. Can games be added to the Build?
    Thank You

  43. Jason Lambert says

    Any discounts available?

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