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Kodi (XBMC) – Super Simple Guide to Setup TV/IPTV Streaming and Update Channels

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This is a Super Simple guide to stream live TV shows using Kodi’s built-in PVR IPTV Simple Client. The setup uses software already installed on Kodi, all you need is a channel list to get started. I’ll also show you how to get updated channel listings if the links go bad or you want new channels.

PVR IPTV Simple Client Installation and Setup
– Select SYSTEM
– Select TV (or Live TV for older versions)
– Select General
– Select Enabled, then OK
– Select PVR IPTV Simple Client
– Select Enable
– Select Configure
– Next to M3U Play List URL, Add
– Uncheck Cache m3u at local storage
– Select OK
– Reboot Kodi
– You now see “TV” on the Home Screen.
– Under TV, select Channels

If the stations aren’t loading, visit Pastebin (see link below) to find a new list of IPTV channels
– Launch a browser and go to
– Select a IPTV link
– Click RAW button
– Copy URL (this URL will be pasted into Kodi)

In Kodi, navigate to PVR IPTV Simple Client Configuration
– Select System
– Select Add-ons
– Select My add-ons
– Select PVR Clients
– Select PVR IPTV Simple Client
– Select Configure
– Select MPU Play List URL
– Paste new channel list
– Restart Kodi

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Let me know if you have any questions at SuperSimpleTech101@gmail.com

  1. frank landrio says

    Not working with new paste bin can you help

  2. Dean Clarke says

    does it buffer

  3. frank landrio says

    I'm using a android phone not have a computer

  4. Mister Bee says

    are the most recent links the best? Or does it matter the date?

  5. Michael Boyd says

    Doesn’t work for me followed step by and when i pick a channel my fiertv freezes up and the only way out is to unplug it.

  6. levi campbell says

    TV tab not showing after setup?? Ideas how to get it?

  7. C Akonful says

    didn't work at all

  8. Elizabeth Hastings says

    Iptv simple client isn't showing up. When I search it it shows up but when I click install nothing happens.

  9. The General says

    Do you have a new update coming ? Your video I installed, I then installed another one from pastebin for USA (more channels) have the same issue most don't work , nothing in TV guide. Thanks

  10. Ahole r says

    how can i get the tv category to appear

  11. Sriram says

    i have an Android TV, and I do not see the "TV" option in the main page 🙁 .. I only see Pictures, Videos, Favorites, Add-Ons etc.

  12. V. K. says

    !!! You r good! Thank you!

  13. jimm shepherd says

    all links dead

  14. jakajb14 says

    thanks bro it works fantastic you have a new subscriber

  15. Marilyn Kemper says

    Great video, however…I can only get ABC News channel to come in even after I updated the channel list. Any solutions? Using windows. Thank you for your time…much appreciated.

  16. 223 says

    I can't get this to work either. I'm using the Kodi TV box with the newest kodi on Marshmallow

  17. Michaela Larson says

    Does not work for Kodi 17. Can you do an update video?

  18. Valentina Mendoza says

    Great video and to the point but DOES NOT WORK!

  19. Peace Florida says

    how do you remove pvr ?

  20. Gordianuss Soenjoto says

    I follow all the instruction, until have to reboot kodi. and I don't know how to reboot kodi, can anybody guide me through to rebbot kodi, I tried to to setting I did not see option to reboot, itry to the power only exit option  no reboot option, somebody help me please…thanks

  21. Gerald Anglin says

    don't work

  22. Jack Lansing says

    Wow, this worked great for me and I thank you.  Now if I could just find the "ever popular" REELZ CHANNEL..

  23. Rikie Merritt says

    Hey bro didn't work how do I reset

  24. Agnes Ortiz says

    i did everything but can't see the channels programs

  25. Agnes Ortiz says

    i did everything and got the tv tab and the tv guide and everything, the only problem is can't see the channels programs

  26. Woody's Geek Channel says

    I put in the latest pastebin and nothing happens when I choose a channel

  27. Robert Alston says


  28. rvnmedic1968 says

    This was published last year. I haven't tried to do this as almost all the posters say it doesn't work. My suspicion is that everyone has updated to 17.1 or 17.3. Really getting tired chasing down how to stream live tv when the vids don't match up my system and don't work.

  29. thebraininsideahead says

    thanks peace and love tot he plants the animals and your family and you.

  30. Sandra Drew says

    Are these local channels

  31. Sports Epic says

    ICYMI: This is comprehensive KODI guide bit.ly/Kodi-Guide

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