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This is a new guide to install a new LIVE TV Guide, The Guide is fantastic, as it gives you options for multiple XML guides.

The guide also gives you Guides free / paid addons.
Also, covers how to install certain addons that can help you in every day installing 3rd party addons.

New URL –

How to install KODI guide located below

KODI Supported Devices
1 – Amazon Fire Stick –
2 – Amazon Fire TV –
3 – NVidia Shield –
4 – T8 android box –
5 – Asus Windows PC –
6 – Alien ware Laptop –
7 – Azulle Mini PC Stick –
8 – T8 MINI –

How to install Vidtime

How to Install ZEM TV

HOW TO Install Sports Devil

How to install Phoenix

How to install Castaway

How to install UKturks

How to install Pro Sports

How to install Adrian Sports addon


How to install CCloud


How to install LiveMix

How to install DC Sports

How to install The Alpha

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Please watch: “Best Kodi 17.5 build 2017 fully loaded and working with free movies sports addons – ONE Alliance”


  1. jakajb14 says

    thanks a lot it works for me now and I like ur vids keep em coming thanks again

  2. CobraDove says

    I get no choices in the settings/guide country…all I see is J's guide and Custom XML – what's the deal? Why aren't the Canada or US versions there?

  3. Paul Bishop says

    hey  how do you install iptv stalker16  without erres

  4. Nicole Cooper says

    installed on my phone and had only a few xml options, now on my Amazon fire it has only 2 xml

  5. MikeyTiger37 says

    Seems to be working well with my Add ons only thing I can't do is choose is choose a XMLTV type. I only get Js Guide and CustomXML options, any advice?

  6. Emerson Araya says

    Do you know if tdb guide is working properly?

  7. KingGodly Mustafa says

    hi husham i need ur help for some channels it brings up a bar with different options but the first one says choose stream and then it says find stream file

  8. tremayne carpenter says

    my guide keep saying updating but just loads for hours how do I fix

  9. Wulfisthegang Littles says

    get no choices in the settings/guide country…all I see is J's guide and Custom XML – what's the deal? Why aren't the Canada or US versions there?

  10. Kirsty S says

    hi husham, do you know the reason why my guide does not let me choose certain addons on channel selection. For example Uk turks, Pheonix and vidtime do not come up as an option for me. I have gone through the addons in the settings an clicked the ones i have but still no joy. can you help at all please. Any advice is much appreciated 😉 tnx

  11. Dj Koster says

    all I have on XMLTV type is J's GUIDE, SPORTS GUIDE, and CUSTOM XML. how is everyone getting USA, UK, etc. types on the XMLTV type.

  12. Michael Calandra says

    how do I add ccloud , add-on is installed but nothing found

  13. Michael Calandra says

    by the way you are extremely helpful I recommend you to everyone

  14. Donald Stott says

    can you tell me what to do….my option for "install from repository"is no longer there….

  15. spunkmonkey5000 says

    Does this work on the firestick..

  16. Kelvin Lewis says

    The video looks GREAT. Unfortunately, it appears that the tdpwizard repository site is defunct! When might this be resolved?

  17. paul T says

    is this only for a clean build, or can it be added to an existing setup?

  18. Rahman Sobhan says

    Was anybody able to install this guide? I have followed the video and the instructions below by no cigar. please help

  19. GT says

    echo still doesnt work … bc i don't have the addons to play the channels ; what to do ?

  20. nunya bizz says

    the majority of my live TV does isn't working. I'm using both a Jarvis and krypton

  21. david says

    Does this work with addon that are not on the list of iptv

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