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iVue TecBox Guide Error Fix Guide for KODI – XBMC (EPG for IPTV Addpons)

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iVue TecBox Guide Error Fix Guide for KODI – XBMC (EPG for IPTV Addpons)

This is to fix the recent iVue TVGuide Error.
Follow this guide to have it fixed
And download this version from in KODI as per the GUIDE specified.

However if you wish to get more updates from the iVue Team please visit there website facebook group page for updates.

Please check out my other video guides for more help and assistance.

Enjoy the show.
Husham Memar
Husham.com .


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. #teamhusham

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  1. PC GAMER says

    thanks husham man, just got in from working nightshift, much to my surprise you have uploaded this, wow good work !!!well that was short lived, I added the zip as you said,it enabled ivue tv addon but when I click on it, try to launch it nothing happens. also when I go into the addon its normally got iptv stalker and ivue tv guide but its empty, not having much luck lol

  2. Andy l says

    Hi husham, cool TV guide as I have already ftv guide this one uses the iptv stalker add on for channels, nice programme, thanks

  3. bobby royster says

    Hi when I click on a channel in iVue TecBox Guide.. I get a iptv stalker error "type none object has no attribute_getitrem__" 

    I try a fresh install and I am still getting the error any ideas thanks

  4. OfficialTonyVlogs says

    Best way is to download from total installer my ivue guide is updated to 6.0.21

  5. Anthony Rodriguez says

    Hello buddy I need help it won't load just keeps updating schedule data loading of data already in progress thanks keep up the great work

  6. Anthony Rodriguez says

    Thanks for the help works great love it thanks so much ?

  7. Peter Smith says

    hi husham is your repo down i'm getting 2 dots

  8. rick carp says

    im getting a mac error when i look for the mac in notpad++ none there

  9. House Music Everyday says

    Hey Husham can you help me out? My iVUE just goes black screen with "Working…" and then goes back to main menu. Tried reinstalling, clearing cache, all four of those options, just about everything; Im totally stumped mate

  10. Stephen Krisel says

    Has iVueTV Guide been fixed? Have you removed the files from your repo for the fix cuz I get nothing showing when I attempt to "install from zip"! I am on the G-Box Q running Kodi and cant DL iVue – keep getting error.

  11. RememberRobbyKrieger says

    PLEASE HELP ! I have a different problem It will load the guide really quick but when I try and go from the guide to any of the channels it opens the menu on the side (the name of program)set remindergenesisbbc playeritv playermy recordingssuper favoriteschoose streamchannelsexit guideHOW TO FIX?

  12. Master Terry says

    Hello Husham. I have ivue movie tv guide, news tv guide and sports guide all working but the ivue tv guide (Main Guide) i am not able to get to work. Is there away to fix it please ?.

  13. Matt Graham says

    FUCK IVUE it doesnt fucking work

  14. arthur zaoutsos says

    husham iadded kodi favorites to ivue guide but then only after a day the guide stopped oppening the chanels they dont work in super favorites or ftv guide either the onoly way i can open them is in super favorites is there any way i can fix this

  15. Tim Mcmillan says

    on my android box none of my t.v guides work..they will not download program data..any thoughts?

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