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IPTV Stalker – EPG – IPTV Simple Client PVR Kodi Addon Setup

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UPDATE: You now need to get a paid subscription…
In this short Tutorial we can see how to install IPTV Stalker using Super Repo and how to setup IPTV Simple Client PVR and EPG to work with this cool Kodi (XBMC) addon. If you are successful you will be able to watch more than 650 live tv premium cable and other channels for news, sports, kids, movies, music videos and so on basically for free…

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Kodi or the People that make these addons, i am simply delivering information freely available in the internet for educational purposes only. I don’t condone Piracy.

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  1. M Rojas says

    Hi I was wondering why I dont have a TV tab on kodi?

  2. 7BLACK5LION 1103 says

    Doesn't work on my kodi 14.2 on firestick

  3. Joseph Jefferson says

    This is AMAZING, and I'm very happy you showed this is simple steps ! Thank you oh I liked and hit subscribe ! Awesome so stoked !!

  4. Dylan Cole says

    Thanks bro, works perfect. Would you have a link for channel logos also.

  5. Mike Moellering says

    Great video! I followed the steps and everything worked great. The only issue I have now is that when I try to play videos, there is no sound and the videos look like they are in fast forward. How do I fix this??


  6. Maestro JJ says

    Hey followed the steps but when I go to the live tv menu it's blank any ideas what I can try next

  7. Andreas Andrew says

    I did exactly what you said, but in 3,38 min it didn't ask me for restart, and down in the corner it didn't said that it load the channels.

  8. yogrego1 says

    do you know if this will this work with TVAddOns custom TVMC edition?

  9. keops22 says

    I get a ulropen erro wile opening the channels

  10. markymoo22 says

    Thank you so much, been searching for days (as new to this). Followed your instructions exactly and now up and running. Thanks alot :o)

  11. TheLavi5284 says

    Tried everything possible, I got it to work but then it stopped working and my tv option is no longer available. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Kodi, tried every step twice and would exit and come back and still is not loading up. What can I do?

  12. stroyble says

    I set  up IPTV stalker on Kodi on July 24th and did not have to pay!…I followed your directions step by step-and it installed successfully all channels working!

  13. Mari's Review Channel says

    IPTV Stalker UPDATE!! The developer has removed this addon July 15 2015. To get the channels, you would need to purchase a yearly plan.

  14. chris deonanan says

    great video! do you have a list with more american/canadian channels. im looking for BET & AMC basically lol

  15. himegyaru83 says


  16. spanish channels ?how I can do it

  17. IRIS MARIPOSA says

    which started at this explains very fast can not continue

  18. Deese Edward says

    i dont Know why ppl said hace to paid i ha e been a week watching stalker todays is 08/15/2015 and nothing happend just need to keep tryibg and it Will load ppl clear data and load thatsa all hppy fun and dont ask for the mac i get it from here some youtube video someone sahre

  19. Beatriz Alvarez says

    it works for 10 seconds then stops; why is that?

  20. Bowba Cisse says

    mind doesn't work it says authorization failed how do you fix it

  21. Asboman 11 says

    This is just what I was looking for. You're the main man for Kodi, all the shit that you show us actually works. Cheers man.

  22. Manolis Kapis says

    Ευχαριστουμε πολυ.
    Το λινκ http://is.gd/NFPSFD ξερεις αν ισχυει? Δεν λειτουργει σε μενα.

  23. Rodolfo Ruiz says

    You awesome! Greetings from Mexico!

  24. Lionel Julian says

    Hey, the channel is working but there is e few channel doesn't work. and then, why the epg still not appear ??

  25. anto m says

    hi I got the tv icon but I have no channels all it says is NFPS authorisation failed??

  26. Nick Zichem says

    I have the Kodi version v15.2 "insengard" I need some help ?

  27. Brooklyn Brawler says

    take yr vid dwn. it doesn't wrk. says network offline… smh

  28. Φίλε καταπληκτική δουλειά, γράφτηκα και στο κανάλι σου. Απλά έχω ένα πρόβλημα. Στα video addons, όταν επιλέγω το IPTV Stalker-Rip, στην επόμενη οθόνη μου βγάζει το NFPS, το πατάω και μου λέει κάτω authorization failed! Tι μπορώ να κάνω, έκανε κάτι λάθος!

  29. A Fields says

    thank u ur the best

  30. BKclanBK says

    I uninstall PVR IPTV simple client : and when I try to istaller has again said its dependencies not met Contact add-on
    help me please

  31. hacker napoli says

    contattateci su skype hacker.dsquared

  32. kerry Bennett says

    update please. doesn't work.

  33. Lynn Bates says

    Probably a good video I I'm slow moving to fast to even pause.

  34. Nayshka Rosa Melecio says

    is still working

  35. Azeem Jutt says

    installation failed for iptv stalker

  36. eze dandy says

    I tried installing IPTV Stalker on my Kodi Addon buy it won't let me
    what I do

  37. Dan Silva says

    Galatis TV Great Video BUT IPTV Stalker keeps failing while I install.. Any suggestions?? Or way around it?? Please help! Thanks a lot

  38. Ian Sparkes says

    does not work you suck


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