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hello Aurora my name is – mama welcome again to the house of memory chips young today we’re gonna share something really cool with you how to watch with Cody its Cody behind yeah I know and everybody’s gonna say oh this doesn’t look like cold know it looks really weird I’ll show you exactly what I’ve done and I will explain exactly how you can actually have it just like this if you want to or it keep as your eyes your own John sitting it doesn’t really matter but this is basically one we’ll be doing is only using the PVR today only the PVR which is the live TV section of Cody so I’m gonna go in there first of all here go TV and challenge alright so first of all we got on the top I got my logo there yeah we got the logo has been added into every single channel that’s cool I’ve actually had help so just not I didn’t do this for myself thank you very much for the people that did help me so that was really cool not all the times that they go there are some challenges to Logan we go um now what’s interesting about this channel surfer go over to the end it’s got eighteen thousand six and sixty it’s actually not eighteen thousand sixty because if you go to the left there is groups what I’ve done is I’ve divided into groups and you can see that because there is groups inside them it will actually take take a channel name so but let’s see here we’ve got nfo info for information it’s just that one nothing label all this that’s for me to remove that world news as for world news to Patel to 0 Bloomberg G’s and then click on one of them CNN international force there are a lot of links in here that just basically gathered from the internet vacation in the UN delegation which again gave us the opportunity to explain why we were so concerned there we go and now what we could do is we could go and and check a different list see above USA USA USA doing those us a chance okay so all the DSA challenge you can see that the up ad loves of USA channels in here okay for example the packet twelves are here contact well to see if it works because I was I was having a little bit of an issue with it by the way I’m not running any VPN at the moment but it might be an idea to run VPNs to perform your your stream boy here comes more pressure white with a second this dream is working it’s this one is actually good this pack bulbs are always 1083 very nice but loads of them in here and it’s a little check it out okay without TV I don’t know definitely falls under the under the USA section I’ve just lowered the volume what you can do now is you can actually go in there and just change the channel by pressing up and down so we’re gonna go pick up and it’s already change the channel to the next one I’m providing the channel to us come back very quickly they will load up if it doesn’t come back very quickly we’ll pick you out and you can just click it again and allow to allow to refresh okay so you can also do this like in here but I want to actually show you the outside for for a good reason because now you can go in and click view a group USA USA local us a local you got all these other local channels in here very nice nice huh okay now we got okay his Canadian challenge we have got loads can any channels in here but not loads okay take it back not load up load but there are little tiny channels in here I’m not sure if they are going to work all of them but we’ll try them out if by any chance any of them any of these channels fail for you press the X to come out of it so if you have a keyboard press the eggs to come out of it you’ll come out completely now here we go we got this is a UK section okay so this is the UK section let’s take a look at Sky News for example Sky News okay well radio stations is rolling here Chuck check more channels in here let’s go Germany we’ve got Luxembourg Netherlands Iceland Denmark Norway yeah pretty much everything so you got the entire Mexico Mexico Latino Latinos channels in him Latin mom’s baby TV let’s take a look baby TV it’s working I know that’s a popular channel everybody wants to watch in Latin Latin America or lucky laughing now there is this Latin that’s baby as they eating maybe TV work alright we’re gonna go into here we’re gonna go into more channels a much more go way back wall dominated niggas okay this is actually really cool list I hope you guys like it Ukraine materiality village Poland army agree Greece Greece I’ve got loads of these Greece channels again go here and she can check it again we’ve got Turkey now the Kurdistan Israel India Pakistan Iran Arabic Neos Lebanon Syria Jordan Palestine erode so divide them they’ve been divided by countries okay Egypt Morocco Nigeria I hope you guys like this it’s quite a list here really cool list and this basically a collection of stuff that’s already out there and intimate it’s 24/7 like Christmas five place five nice cool there is a couple of other ones in here all right hope you guys like this this is really cool this is like I said this is a PVR now I’ve already shown you have to install the PVR from the ocean list this is ocean Mist one way and I’ve shown you how to do that before but if you want to me to show you again I’ll do it right now but if you have got it just go ahead and do it right now you don’t need to follow the rest of the video but to do that make sure you press the thumbs up and subscribe to my channel alright go into here we’re gonna go into set system and settings so first of all in the settings button of every single Kodi is you have a different type of interface so we can go into the original interface this is Cody interface and the reason why I you are seeing my cody like that is because I chose a different type of skin so first of all I’m gonna ask you guys to go change your skin because even if you have a build or if you have anything else chances are you’ll never be able to see this because your build hasn’t configured to show you live TV so we’re gonna go into system settings here this one here and we’re gonna go into a different type of skin interface settings click a skin and select conference now if you don’t have confluence click get more now there is a hoshin confluence which I have in my repository you can use it but this one I’m gonna just use the standard one so you guys can actually you know you come covered and find that confluence in here once you find confluence just click it once ok now I’ve already got it installed already in here because I woulda clicked it so I’m gonna take it again and I’m back in here now once you’re back into here what you need to do now is set up your PVR so again we’re gonna do this the the way that I’ve done here so you guys can actually understand it click system settings click add-ons and then click on OK I’m gonna look you up in the eye so you guys can see me my add-ons and go all the way down to PVR I’ll have to see the screen baby haha and go all the way down to PVR simple client okay we go PVR MPTV simple and and click configure and when you click configure you can see that I’ve already I’ve already done entry you playlist URL I’ve typed in nice to be : to first lashes passion calm for / list so press done you don’t need to keep it cached please don’t don’t keep a cache there’s no point and just okay that’s okay that’s gonna restart it now goes restarted 1860 so judge yeah don’t keep it cached that stuff that would configure a PG I haven’t done and you guys can do new on EPG if you want to I’ve done this logo for that site what you want but ma you want okay besides too many channels to do an EPG form and once that’s done you can go in here and you will see a TV icon and a TV icon liquid channels and there you go let’s go into you go all channels and you got them all I hope you guys enjoyed this video this is I’m trying to I should do it as simple as possible and no complications here very easy very simple and I just covered everything for you guys have got load channel in the end I hope you guys enjoy this the logos have been added in yeah so you guys can actually see with what is it well yeah you got all channels and that should cover all my guys watching this video I hope you guys enjoyed this don’t forget press the thumbs up subscribe to my channel I will love I’ll keep doing these small projects for you guys I hope you guys enjoy

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  1. Jose Rojas says



    Great video, salutes From Killeen, Texas

  3. Alistair Burnett says

    Quick note. ..only 2 of the China channels work

  4. ارشيف القدماء says

    مرحبا اخي اريد الاشتراك بس اول مرة اريد تجربي

  5. ارشيف القدماء says

    ممكن تجربي

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    حتة لو ساعة

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    اخي مو بلاش زرت موقعك مكتوب اشتراك

  8. Karim Bekkouche says

    Hushem habibi.
    Where is the link to download Kodi Krypton? I downloaded one apk into a usb key but the box doesn't recognize it

  9. Abdullah Najeeb says

    Hi Husham, thanks for your videos. I have the smart iptv app on my smart tv, and i'm looking for good m3u file for arabic channels and arabic beinsports, can you direct to good m3u file that i can purchase. I looked on your website trying to find one for purchase but couldn't find… I hope you can help me, thanks

  10. Ashraf H says

    Thank you from Palestine

  11. Nawaz Ahmed says

    Hi can I install this on kodi 16? Thanks

  12. Jon Tilley says

    PVR simple client won't work for me today for some reason, is this just me or is it effecting anyone else?

  13. Don Joncas says

    How do I put this on a build that's not confluence or done have to go to that one only thx

  14. Kodi Best Build says

    Great work mate

  15. Kiarabelle1 says

    Hi Husham.Great video,as always.In your other video you mentioned a website where you have to subscribe time duration at a price to receive these iptv channels.Is this free now by simply following the steps?Thank you

  16. Kiarabelle1 says

    Great stuff.Works perfect.Thank you for all your hard work.Pls.ignore my other comment.

  17. Khalid Ali says

    شكرا اخ هشام بس تمنيت القنوات المعروفة والحلوه مثل قنوات امريكيه افلام والإنجليزية المعروفة أيضا وهم وضعت لك لايك وشكرا

  18. Colin Kingsmore says

    Was working for me but now there are no Channels showing up. 🙁

  19. Raymond Babin says

    Great video as usual, Can you find the list of the Canadian channels? Because I looked on they web site and I can't find any list.

  20. Raymond Babin says

    I forgot to mention that I was referring to Mykywi stream

  21. Mad Klown says

    Hey Husham, thanks for this, it's been working great. If any of the channels are down, are you able to get them back up? My wife has been watching the Japan channels, so far 7, 10 & 22 are still up and running. I just thought I'd ask. No worries, I appreciate this "add-on". I'm missing the live show! I hope you bring it back. Happy New Year! And thanks again for this!

  22. Outsider5878 says

    Great work Husham, thanx for that. But maybe you can add a few more arabic channels to the list like all the missing MBC channels and AlJadeed; MTV Lebanon; etc. That would be awesome.

  23. m kansas says

    most of the channels does not work

  24. rbuschy says

    Thank You Thank You Thank You for not adding 10 layers of BS just to get this to work!! I would love to get an EPG working though, so if anyone knows how to do it please let me know. I have been trying all day, but on and off for a year or two. But they are either really complicated, inconsistent or just don't work.

  25. Husham Memar says

    Thumbs up and Subscribe to my channel for more coming specific work that I will do for you guys

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