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IPTV – FREE, LEGAL, HQ & Really Works!!! | Pluto.tv 132 Channels!!!

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Pluto.tv startup delivers IPTV app that REALLY WORKS, is FREE and totally legal. Too good to be true? Check this out! Works on FireStick, FireTV, Apple TV, ROKU and Android.

  1. AR R says

    is not supported in Canada, Roku 🙁

  2. Javier Matias says

    This App Dont work never

  3. jay cam says


  4. Wayne Johnson says

    can some one help me? i cant seem to find the menu on this apk. i can only use the up or now arrows to change the channels.

  5. Mari's Review Channel says

    Nice video, I just love the Pluto tv. All channels are in HD quality.

  6. MICHAEL LAND says

    Peter get it done for kodi.

  7. Leonard Durecki says

    Pluto TV is good in a pinch. I'll consider using it if mobdro goes away.


    doesn't work crasheing


    no Bro


    I downloaded it it just keept crashing

  11. 以蔵岡田 says

    shitty channels but legal

  12. Anthony L. Douglas says

    Stop complaining its free… If you want iptv for 20 dollars, use nitro tv

  13. Enrique Garcia says

    I had Pluto TV for a while and I enjoy it. Doesn't give you main stream TV but it satisfies my news addiction.

  14. Anthony L. Douglas says

    Not working

  15. Kerion Wilson says

    app isnt working. it says it wont work in my region

  16. free movies to Watch says

    . hey Peter also do a video on the on-demand videos that they give you I watch those all the time free movies as well with advertisements but hey you can't beat it check it out and do a video on it and by the way this app is awesome I do love it I'm almost tempted to start using it all the time and get rid of my DirecTV and also use I also use watch2stream as well

  17. Nortechiboi Corazon says

    yeah, dig Pluto. It's on Xbox live.

  18. Etienne V says

    Hi. I am able to download it on my android box but I get full screen and i can't open your channel menu. I have arrows on the right to allow me to change channels.

  19. Jack Ridge says

    Very good free IPTV.
    Good news channels and Poker channel.

  20. Dave rush says

    Bunch of crap channels , u can only watch the onion Channel so much before your bored .. this is where " free" 132 channels is what free is all about . Shitty programing

  21. Don Owens says

    pluto step up there game is better now

  22. Mark Bowens says

    Peter, what are the other options available besides goodfellas for iptv? I know thatsa good one but i cant get my local news somewhere in wv

  23. Erwin Erwin says

    I could not get it via the ROKU channel as I am not allowed in Canada, but can get it just on line without a ROKU at all and its not a bad channel.

  24. Echo Foxtrot says

    Thanks for the video. Do you know of any other legal IPTV services besides Pluto TV?

  25. keri toodle says

    I have Pluto on my laptop and Roku player…watch it daily. Thanks 4 the positive review, Peter!

  26. RED _54 says

    does it work in canada?

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