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IPTV CASTTV Live TV with free trial – works with KODI, Perfect Player, GSE and Smart TV 2017

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New 2017 IPTV which provides a large amount of content Cast TV Live TV covers a wide range of UK, USA and Sports TV, includes some international Sports and PPV. This is a premium service but you can apply now for 1-day free trial

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Please watch: “Best Kodi 17.5 build 2017 fully loaded and working with free movies sports addons – ONE Alliance”


  1. Susan Patlak says

    Only UK? Great video!

  2. Juan Roman says

    Do I need a VPN if I use this service?

  3. Alfred Griffin says

    thank you another great video will give it a try

  4. Mark E says

    Looks good Husham! ? Are you able to use a VPN for this iptv service?..

  5. bobby roode215 says

    doesnt show whats channells included etc. looks good

  6. SheimaAli00 says

    I live in USA and we are fan of walking dead does amc channel will this work?!

  7. Ken Mcmaster says


  8. Ken Mcmaster says


  9. Ken Mcmaster says


  10. Mark E says

    Have set up my free trial and am using it right now. So far it's an awesome service! Very clear and flawless streams, and the guys who run it are extremely polite & helpful & made sure they did everything to help accommodate my needs, and get me up & running. Thank you Husham & thanks very much Cast TV! So far I highly recommend giving this a try!.. ?

  11. Tommy Moss says

    How Long Did It Take To Get A Free Trial It Has Been 4 Hours And Nothing Yet

  12. Dianne Shaw says

    I now have my free trial and I have to say, it is absolutely wonderful! I read a few comments about AMC channel. This is the first thing I checked. Then I checked for MSNBC and sure enough there it was. Thanks so my Husham and Cast TV!

  13. izri1 says

    I have iptv from Ebay with over 6000 channels for EUR 10,20. Aprox. £ 9,-

  14. Russell Spitzer says

    I am using android box with kodi 17.5 and i cannot get it to install from zip file. Any ideas

  15. David Nuttall says

    Hey just tried the free trial and all looks good. My only issue is when I use my vpn PIA nothing plays until I turn my vpn off is there a work around for this so I can use my vpn . Thanks

  16. Cast TV says

    Quick thank you for the trials, We are a little behind but we will get to you. We run a very personal service and make sure everyone is set up and operational. Enjoy!!

  17. Neil Pennells says

    This is brilliant castatv is the best I advise everyone to get it

  18. Ackzel Rod says

    can i used it on my 3 device at the same time.

  19. Nicholas Yiatrusis says

    booo i am in rge usa not fair

  20. christopher hart says

    I pay for it and I never got nothing to download to watch TV how can I get it

  21. tuloco Gonzalez says

    How much is it a month husham

  22. Art Yilmaz says

    They never send link for free trial i tried twice

  23. andy robinson says

    I Sent off my email etc for 24 hr free trial on Sunday and it’s now Wednesday still have heard nothing

  24. kaarriimm kkaarriimm says

    يعني ما ناوي تحجي عربي نفخت كلبنا

  25. SheimaAli00 says

    I’m sorry I don’t now how to download into my amazon fire stick plz help 🙂

  26. Cast TV says

    Thanks everyone for the trial requests and subscriptions, if we've missed anyone or if you would like a trial please follow the links

  27. Brian Atkinson says

    I can't navigate threw the epg using my remote what am I missing

  28. christopher hart says

    Husham I want to know why is every time I try to play it it's give me a red circle but I pay every month I only had it for 3 months and it keeps giving me read every time I try to play Channel how can I fix that

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