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Husham Area 51 IPTV Kodi Addon is the Best Live TV service for Aliens

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Area 51 IPTV Live TV brought to you by Aliens 2018

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Area 51 KODI addon
Install Steps – 6:42
Website Step – 11:51
Channel Demo start 12:55
USA IPTV Channel Demo 13:00
Sports IPTV Channel Demo 13:46
UK IPTV Channel Demo 15:15
Canada IPTV Channel Demo 15:36
Spanish IPTV Channel Demo 15:57

Purchase link –

Area 51 APK Video –

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  1. sam com says

    Nice 1

  2. joanna lynn says

    nice video but i got so much freen why should i pay…

  3. urukalo19 says

    Get vaders tv so much better

  4. KRAZ inabox says

    Lemme see your twerk Husham! ?

  5. Susan Patlak says

    Awesome tutorial! Keep them coming!

  6. Ian M. Scarlett says

    Please add PayPal as another payment option, as well as a brief Trial Period to whet the appetite

  7. Nelson Osorio says

    How many divice with one subscription??

  8. Lola Nunez says

    Can you add this to a amazon stick and how many devices can you use ?

  9. STOLEN EARTH says


  10. Joey Galgano says

    Great video. You said there was an apk ? iI could not find the install video. May I please have the link ?

  11. Kodi Best Build says

    Great work Husham

  12. Jose Alicea says

    The apk version buffers too much.

  13. Leo Griffin says

    Are all the streams in HD..

  14. Ken Torres says

    Very disappointed. This service is unwatchable. Every single channel buffers. VOD buffers every 4 seconds. Wish I could have gotten a refund.

  15. Z Salty says

    Say that before you let us see the whole video. It's paid add-on.

  16. PhatDeth oNeKOG says

    Has anyone ever noticed aliens sure looks a lot like demons?

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