Kodi IPTV Service Providers
  1. Kali O.C says

    Hey bro…. Gonna need your help with players klub addon… help with the username & password?

  2. Chris Powell says

    Were is the URL

  3. Luis Loría Ordorica says

    How do I install Players Club??

  4. Tee W says

    I have loaded Kodi  (thank you) but how do I get back to the frame where I have Kodi Menue for add-ons / settings …

  5. Mike James says

    Hi solo man can u recomend a free iptv m3u for perfect player please. Kind reguards. Mike

  6. nietolkj says

    Are these pay for ip tv secure and not frauds? Theres some i saw on youtube that sound great but since im new to this , im sceptical about this. So can you let me know if these are legit ? Thanks

  7. Kashmir Singh says

    where is url?

  8. jamin103 says

    Where the url? I don't see it in the description as usual.

  9. Philip Giacomantonio says

    I have not been able to do anything in your videos! I have Kodi 17.3 just so you know. Which version are you using? I have tried the one starting out with Kodi, then system, then live tv but I don't see live tv. I also tried Kodi, system, tecbox but see no tecbox! I could go on but you get the point. Plus playersklub is now a PAY site. Why am I not able to get the things your videos show like tecbox or live tv for example? All things you show stop dead for me at about the same places.

  10. Brian Tidey says

    Solo man this is now pay only

  11. Deon Phillips says

    your videos are  not very helpful because you go through to much of how it works when much of us really want to know how to install the items we are looking for and you it would be nice if you wood take time explaining the steps. thanks for some of the information has been helpful.

  12. Jasmin Marie says

    Yes where is the URL???

  13. Renita Skulason says

    Your not clear on your url,,, I don't like your videos B.C. I feel you just want to keep us watching

  14. locs of love says

    Hi and thanks for all your Videos very informative…my question is iptv material streamed from a torrent

  15. David Caballero says

    Do you know how to get closed captions for hearing disabled?

  16. Jack Roads says

    Great stuff TY

  17. Fernando Mendoza says

    What is the URL to download the add on can't find it

  18. Kay Rouse says

    Where is the URL? Everyone keeps asking but you won't reply? Umm..
    I smell a rat? why do they you put the steps below your videos including the "URL" Instead of links to your Twitter and Facebook account?

  19. usmc8408 says

    My guess as to why there is no link to the addon “Players Klub” is because now that they charge it’s illegal TV, and since it seems like this Solo Man dude is sponsored, he’s not going to advertise illegal content.

    It’s not that hard to find the repo url people, and if you can’t find it then you probably shouldn’t be using this “advanced” technology.

    Let’s use those brain cells God gave you!

  20. JustDawn S says

    Well that was a waste of 7:18 of my life! ?

  21. Alonzo Samaki says

    There is no url…..come on dude..I found an url but at end you have to pay 5 bucks….fuck that…..i need free shit

  22. D Bo says

    Solo Man, how about for the Firestick Krypton17.4 RC

  23. D Bo says

    Which is the final version and how can I tell which version of Firestick I have, 1st or 2nd gen? I'm new to all this. I was also hung on getting back to menu screen you were using. In fact I remember only have that screen when installing the build, so I couldn't add an Iptv unless I uninstalled the build. The screen I'm talking about has the power button top left, settings in the center and search on the right.

  24. D Bo says

    I'm talking about the video when you installed Player Klub. Thanks

  25. SirMalikCobra says

    Solo what's the new passcode?
    As of October 15, 2017

  26. HERMAN3507 says


  27. burt ker says

    What is the url?

  28. g rey says

    Soloman just saw a few of your videos very nice and informative too.

  29. Michael Ray says

    Link dont work

  30. Jeff Mouradi says

    full site for IPTV Channels
    Enjoy it http://curs.io/V60tLM

  31. Jake Luke says

    What’s the url for playersklub

  32. nichole ramondini says

    Hey soloman is this Iptv safe? it's $59!

  33. Sal Addotta says

    Poor customer service

  34. Leo Perk says

    I don’t see any source.

  35. Peter Xirogiannis says

    No source wtf!

  36. Edsilvacunha says

    Good would be if kodi were compatible to php and html url and open it in full screen just like megacubo

  37. Tracey Kohuch says

    I added the ReliableLIVETV link. Restarted Kodi as program instructed. On reboot, I get the following message: "Add-on couldn't be loaded. An unknown error has occured." Then it kicks me out of Kodi. Every time I enter Kodi the same thing happens. Now I can't stay in Kodi. Any suggestions on a fix?

  38. Lucille Green says

    Home Depot Comcast + Comcast Business News today live rocku

  39. Paul Cartwright says

    I don't know how to download stuff on my kodi box

  40. Zulma Cruz says

    As you mentioned its no longer free. $20 per month and it includes 3 devices per household.

  41. K TN says

    Best Android Apps to Stream Live TV for Free
    cCloud, Crackle, eDoctor, Firestick TV, JioTV, Live TV, Mobdro, NetTV, Play Live TV, SPB TV, Stream, UK TV NOW

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