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How to Stream from dreambox to IPTV server and transcoding to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

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I have finally a stable setup, with a Ubuntu Server, getting the stream from a dreambox, transcoding it to H.264 and then 2 clients connected through VLC. Also a mikrotik queue monitoring the Client nr.1 bandwidth requirements.

  1. Fisnik Iseni says

    A ka shanc me shfaqe video nga kompjuteri ne nje kompjuter tjeter me be si lloj iptv brenda rrjetit tem lokal.

  2. Ahmed says

    yes but how   this only  see if work  but how

  3. Ris P says

    what progamme r u useing

  4. Kimi Design says

    Erion si mujm me gjet ket ?

  5. Rovaniemi Korjaus says

    erion please I need steps to install this ranscoding

  6. Rechtsteiner says

    whitch software you have? Tutorial?

  7. mxq14 box says

    hello can you pm me please I need some help with your setup and a headend I'm using

  8. Javier ying says

    Hello, Erion, just watched your config dreambox restream over network. I have a question bout the restream from dreambox to VLC, if I want to distribute to over 50 clientes, I think it's impossible to handle it. because you need 50 tuners.

  9. Ciro Matino says

    che software usi si potrebbe sapere

  10. Debra Sath says

    HI, you can do it more easily using the livebox streaming server. Have you tried Livebox? It pre-configures everything for you.

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