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How to setup IPTV Stalker Plus foolproof

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Follow this guide and you will be up and running in no time.

First thing you will need to check is what server you need to use.
Go to and check in the appropiate window your donation (NOT PAYPAL DONATION!). Depending on what service you got it from, IPTV66 or Papio/NFPS

The first window is IPTV66 and the second one is NFPS

1- Copy/Paste your donation (NOT PAYPAL DONATION!) in the search field and click on the I’m not a robot check box.
2- Click on on Search Donation
3- Look in IPTV Portal: That is your server number, take a look below to see which one is yours.


So if you your portal is 3.iptvprivateserver.tv then you will choose NFPS3 and so on.

You can also change your IPTV Portal but I do not recommend it

The 3rd party addons are not the property of Kodi.tv and not supported by them.

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  1. Kamran Ahmed says

    what to do if this is my my server ( 9.nfpsserver.tv) as NFPS9 is not is the server list. please help.

  2. Bernardo Polanco says

    is not working anymore

  3. David Andrade says

    hey there bud 4 week ago here i am again lol i stillhave no luck putting my iptv66 with a guide lol do u have any new ideas?

  4. Gene Thorpe says

    trying to create a account and already made donation cant find the answer to "what is the best build" system wont let me create a account

  5. Paul Stringer says

    I followed everything u did and it doesn't work

  6. Rishi Jai says

    Worked fine but now I get "urlopen error timed out". How do I solve? There is no "clear cache" option in IPTV stalker plus

  7. Johnny Gonzalez says

    what kodi skin youre using in this vídeo?? is nice and clear

  8. Brian Ard says

    i have a fire tv box with file explyer , how do i istall stb ..? thanks for your help ..

  9. Brian Ard says

    refering to stb emulator

  10. Bill Roberts says

    Easy tutorial bro. Thank you.

  11. Eddie Thomas says

    what skin are you using

  12. felix razon says

    mine says the device id dont match what do i do

  13. Salsa Dude says

    what kodi skin are you using here?

  14. Sherika Baker says

    How do I find or get a Donation #?

  15. Christopher Hall says

    How do we make a donation to the stalker?

  16. Sean Mark says

    Is there a tv guide for it?

  17. Bobby Hare says

    Hey, does anyone here know why my iptv stalker plus download fails? I have followed these instructions to the letter and when the install process starts, it takes forever to advance and eventually displays a message saying that the download has failed.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  18. ABQ SKY says

    You need to explain things in a basic way. Stay away from blanket statements or assuming people have knowledge of any of this. Give an overview of what you're going to share with your audience, and include what tools you will be using. Having steps also helps.

  19. Keith Manns says

    Hello, if you can pass this on to the site Adkins of IPTV talk and let them know there is an issue with the image verification when trying to register. No matter whai put in it fails

  20. SW6surfer says

    Anyone have a link to a donation site?

  21. Bilal Malik says


  22. Daniel Groger says

    What is the url for this addon

  23. FREE KODI INFO TV says


  24. Mohammadi KA says

    I have downloaded iptv stalker but wenn I click on install cant install why?

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