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How To Setup IPTV On Fire Stick / LG./ Samsung Smart TV

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  1. Naffisa Alli says

    I have downloaded smart iptv and have the mac code but have not received the m3u url to my email address…is there a reason for this?

  2. D Woodard Jr says

    Thank you

  3. Emma Parsons says

    The email link how do you copy from pc to put on fire stick or will I have write it down heers

  4. Barimaoduro Boampong says

    Hiya so how do I get the m3u so I have struggling with that thing so I wanna how to get that plse thanks .

  5. Ian Freeman says

    Would anyone know how to get into your favourites? Can't work it out at all using either the Fire Stick or TV remote.

  6. steve squirrell says

    How much is the IPTV service from you for the year ??

  7. mrdylangreen says

    I've had and email back confirming with the code but not the link URL? any ideas?

  8. maccas says

    how do I get my url list do they email it to me straight away or dpse it take a while for them to send it haven't got email yet .?

  9. Yusra Dirie says

    Do you have to activate the app or is that bullshit?

  10. tom lam says

    not had the email sent any ideas?

  11. Luigi Dilauro says

    Hi, I have a quick question for you. How I can go to the red/green/blue buttons with Amazon stick?

  12. armand memetaj says

    come fare a samsung mu6400

  13. Phil Reaney says

    I don't get an email from smartiptv with a URL to copy and paste? Any ideas?

  14. Lee Marston says

    We haven't had an email with a Link ?

  15. Thomas Wallis says

    Haven’t had a email with a link! Any ideas?

  16. MrEnginemount says

    Great video Thanks… Can you lock mac Address on fire stick Smart IPTV?

  17. simon delaghetto says

    Once ordered, how long should it take to receive my url list?

  18. Rodrigo Mendes says

    Hi. Do you know why image is super pixelated and distorted using the app Smart IPTV on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

  19. Philip Belfield says

    Hi any idea how u update the siptv app, cheers

  20. scott Commins says

    Hi how do I get the email once I've clicked onto the website

  21. sandra douglas says

    hi when do i get email for mu3 through

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