Kodi IPTV Service Providers
  1. Dewsta26 says

    So you have basically created your own personal cloud 🙂 nice!

  2. CarlsTechShed says

    I suppose I have 🙂 I can upload photos from my HTC using AndFTP

  3. ScottieNiven says

    I would set up something like this, but our DSL connection is too slow to sustain a connection for steaming. I do run a minecraft server for me and friends (if you want to join pm me) and a very basic web page. The hardware is just a home built server with a Pentium D 925 and 2gb ram. It has a 160gb boot drive and a 1tb drive for the NAS storage me and the family use.

  4. CarlsTechShed says

    Sounds like a good system. If you're running a Minecraft server though, I'd recommend a bit more RAM. Another 2GB of RAM wouldn't cost any more than about £15 these days but the performance is definitely noticeable. If you've got a 64-bit OS, put in as much as the board can support (Most likely about 16GB) or as much as you can afford.

  5. ScottieNiven says

    There is only 2 ram slots on my particular board. Once i complete the project im currently working on im going to upgrade the cpu and motherboard to a Celeron G530 and a cheap 1155 motherboard, ill probbaly get 4 or 8gb of ram for it then.

  6. CarlsTechShed says

    Please, don't use a Celeron processor. They are the worst possible processors to use for any system – especially a server. The clock speed might look impressive but the L2 cache is incredibly low which will strangle the processor. Spend an extra £20 or so and get a Pentium. Personally, I prefer ex-corporate hardware because although it may be 2 or 3 years old, it's build to last and because of the high price tag when it was new, the performance is better.

  7. ScottieNiven says

    Noted, the G530 has 2mb of L2 and the Pentium G630 has 3mb L2. I would use the Enterprise stuff but its hard to come by here in Ireland. I do own a dedicated server but its only got 2 Pentium 3 500mhz processors and 640mb ram. Plus they use more power than these desktop parts and our electricity is not cheap.

  8. CarlsTechShed says

    Try and get your hands on a Dell Poweredge SC1425 which I use as my 'cloud' server. I paid £20 for it plus I spent another £18 on memory and £10 on a processor upgrade. The PSU is 450w so it's no more than a standard desktop PC. Because it runs on a Xeon processor, it's more reliable because these machines are designed to be left on 24/7 in data centers.

  9. Aaronage says

    I know this comment is 7 months old, but I feel its best to blow away the Celeron = slow myth!

    Carl is understandably cautious of Celeron based on the horrible NetBurst era (Pentium 4) chips, but today they're brilliant little things 🙂

    Modern Celeron, like the G530 you mentioned, isn't bad! They have decent cache (all Sandy/Ivy chips have 256k per core, 2MB L2 is fine). They're full fat Sandy/Ivy cores, some features disabled like virtualisation, but otherwise they pack a lot of punch 🙂

  10. CarlsTechShed says

    Celeron chips are designed backwards. In other words, they take a higher end processor they've spent months developing and then downgrade it. I've used Celeron systems before and compared to Core or Pentium systems, they have nowhere near the performance. When it comes to pricing, as I said in an earlier comment, for an extra £20 it's not worth throttling performance. If you're a system admin buying 10,000 systems then £20 on each one IS a lot of money but for one machine, just spend the extra!

  11. Aaronage says

    I agree when looking at the old NetBurst Celeron's, they were a really bad choice compared to full fat Pentium 4's, but modern Celeron holds up really well.

    Modern Celeron uses full fat Sandy/Ivy core with a little less L3 cache (AES instructions disabled, but that's the same for Pentium). They keep the fast dual-channel IMC, they keep the low power characteristics (not just hungry chips that were binned lower, e.g. Celeron systems idle at 30w typically).

    They're really solid chips!


  12. Aaronage says

    For home server duties like file server, web server, game server etc. you won't see any real benefit from Pentium or Core i3, you would only see gains worth the money going up to a quad-core i5 or i7.

    Anyway, if perf/watt and value are a concern you should avoid Celeron/Pentium altogether and opt for a AMD Athlon II X4 750K, £55 quad-core that packs more grunt than any current Celeron/Pentium 🙂

  13. CarlsTechShed says

    Yes it will. You simply need a compatible player in the web browser you are using.

  14. jakob2803 says

    Do you own all these albums? ;> ;>

  15. TheSOXMania says

    you don't really need ubuntu, I've made servers on windows 3.11 before now, I was bored, slammed my old 3.11 floppies into the drive, installed them and to my surprise, an attempt at a web server went really well, it was fast, quite efficient, had no lag and hardly ever crashed, but I put it back on XP like it was meant to be running and it's a really decent little machine!!!

  16. jarrett pulley says

    how did you set this up from beginning to end like how did you get the index of page and all of those folders on that page so you can access them

  17. Gadget Addict says

    I'm doing something similar but installed 'subsonic' which lets you stream your content with transcoding. So I can turn the quality down on the large video files that wouldn't otherwise stream because of my lower speed internet.

  18. section8 beats says

    Hey how can I set up my own server for streaming so that outside listeners can tap in to my server?

  19. Leo Newburn says

    I still have no clue how to set up a server…any links for nebies like me?

  20. CarlsTechShed says

    Maybe so, but the server was decommissioned about 7 months ago and the IP address is now dormant 😉

  21. Knuckles the Echidna says

    You have a 300 watt HTC 1x storage dongle 😀

  22. bassistmau says

    Woah! nice work there, mate! 😉 Any recommendations you could give us on what streaming software we can get? Something that could compress high quality content without losing much quality

  23. linuxxxunil says

    i have a webserver but like http://www.youtube.com/user/jpulley101 said, how do you make the folders accessible?

  24. Travis Savage says

    +bassistmau  You can use a media server called subsonic. I use it on my android device to stream my music. Dsub is the actual app and subsonic is the server. It'll run on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

  25. cheef000 says

    If u are running a nuclear power supply at home its a great solution ^^

  26. Grum Yoseph says

    Great vid, and albums… how could be possible if you need to change the interface of the index page? you may want put in the artist pictures,lyrics,titles…

  27. Warren Pamment says

    hi Carl what country are you from as I am interested in unlimited data plan for my mobile but cant find any here can you give me the details of your mobile phone isp please

  28. David Barrenechea says

    hey i was wondering how did you setup the server in details
    im trying to setup my server to be a stream media server and 
    something like dropbox mapping a drive etc.

    heres my specs

    supermicro x7sb3e i think 

    core 2 quad 2.4ghz
    8gb ddr2 ram
    8.5TB HDD
    raid 5 array 

  29. Musicmanwins says

    do you think this is how dropbox started???

  30. Musicmanwins says

    And you might want to put this in the description:


  31. Breakinbath X says

    I guess it was too hard to edit the actual video..

  32. ed nyash says

    how mush did the whole setup cost and how can i use it business wise

  33. Jacarch says

    I have a similar setup in terms of running an FTP server however I run mine from Windows 7 Pro in IIS the FTP services work fine and utilize the full bandwidth I have to the PC (100mbit) however I have noticed when trying to play a video or a song of the server it will download the whole thing and not stream it, this means blu-rays take ages to load as they are 6GB+ and 100mega bits LAN cant handle it fast enough. Upgrading the LAN to gigabit would help I know but is there any way I can get it to steam to a client instead of downloading the whole thing???

  34. TheYmkal says

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  35. Knuckles the Echidna says

    Can it happen through SSH?  I am not quite sure yet how to stuff services through the SSH tunnel other than a terminal or remote X session 🙁

  36. stupid hamburger…

  37. gigi morphe says

    hi leave plenty space behind these machines as the air flow from the front otherwise you fry the whole setup 1 or 1 and half metres.

  38. Emtildeath6666 says

    12 hours and your friend couldn't get in to your server ? What security are you running ? Give me the IP and I will get in with in an hour 🙂

  39. Ithilras says

    hehe I have the same live wallpaper on my tablet

  40. thingyee1118 says

    I would recommend SSH instead of FTP. Also use a private key on SSH. 

  41. 1:35 you can see his ip 🙂

  42. LTDanno360 says

    the UrbanPenguin made a video series about how to set this up on linux


    That is the version of Linux I started off with.

  44. bigg1 says

    i can hack your server in 5 min

  45. Dutchmarshalls says

    I believe that this is working great but the info is very poor. It doesn't explain in detail how to make a streaming server. It's just telling what you may be needed en that's it. 🙁
    Maybe in part 2 of the video the explanation will me fruitful with video examples showing How to Make A Streaming Web Server.

  46. 2much4u uk says

    i have a dell core 2 duo how 4 stick ok 1gb ram 500 gb hard drive is it posible to make a streaming website with this

  47. gideon ambasa says

    i want tw make my web server

  48. Daniel Neto says


    The best option now is to create one for free, (YouPHPTube (https://www.youphptube.com/))
    It also provides an integrated Live Stream Server and Player.
    Not to mention the variety of plugins that further improve the service.
    Best of all is that it is opensource and uses an HTML5 player compatible with mobile devices

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