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  1. Canais detvs says

    hello friend sent me the script installation, video letters are very small. Thank you and Congratulations for video

  2. Kristian Ejlli says

    Too mutch problem with those comands i dont know but it tolds to : Unable to locate … sb help me !

  3. Юлиян Димитров says

    Благодаря за страхотния видео урок.

  4. Umutcan Yıldırım says

    Could you do me a skype

  5. bioscope tv says

    can you add me on skype @ Theipworld

  6. Earl jr. Cory says

    hi there need some help with this, i was wondering if you set up my server.

  7. Earl jr. Cory says

    you can @ Earl Cory

  8. Rich Murphy says

    my skype : jeff.murphy39

    please i need your help

  9. Mac QC says

    Thanks for this excellent tuto 🙂
    I have doing all step and i can access to the portal admin But when i tried to access to: localhost:88/stalker_portal/c , the default template start loading but yellow progress bar still il the 10% .Do you have any idea about this problem?

  10. Rahaian Sebastian says

    Hi, i've installed Stalker Portal on Ubuntu 14.04, but i don't know how to acces it from the STB, i habe tried http://localhost:88/stalker_portal/c/index.html , but i get connetion error.
    Do you have any answer for me ?
    Can u help me with that ?
    Thank you!

  11. frank nero says

    Hello Nikolai Can you help me install stalker middleware thank you very much..

  12. Kishan Angad says

    hi i would like you to instal on my server how much
    skype: kishan2701

  13. Anton Dinges says

    Hello Nikolai,

    how i can use my stalker_portal external? Not localhost…thanks

  14. Donald Cremona says

    do you have a video with fresh install please ???????

  15. Earl jr. Cory says

    hi there please skype at jcenterprise38@gmail.com

  16. Earl jr. Cory says

    i will like you to install middleware stalker on my server

  17. Earl jr. Cory says

    need help having problems installing middleware stalker on my server skype me at jcenterprise38@gmail.com have new server

  18. tale s says

    wich software have you install for streaming server, can you explain please. i have install stalker i need to instal streaming server for restream the channels.

  19. gaurav jhalli says

    Can u help me install stalker middleware please

  20. Glenn de Jong says

    Hi i seem to be stuxk on the sql. Safe mode stepCan you help me

  21. מוטי קרדי says

    thanks, working great!!!

  22. BGInfinityMC says

    Are you still helping out with skype?

  23. WebTv says

    can you help me please?

  24. Christo Pavlov says

    Приятел, въпросния сталкер може ли да се използва така: пускаш една платена IPTV услуга на него и закачаш безплатно приятели на нея? Без загуба на качество. Става ли?

  25. Muhammadh Nabeel says

    Can you help me install this on my server?

  26. Mohammad Sohail says

    Hi…Can you help me to install Stalker midelware on my server not on localhost

  27. Mohammad Sohail says

    Hi…Can you help me to install Stalker midelware on my server not on localhost
    my Skype ID sohailarya11@skype

  28. Mohammad Sohail says

    @Nikolai Atanasov I have been trying to reach you since long time. But you are so busy, if you daont Mind can you help me to install stalker on VPS. I did instaled on Local host and it works but its not working on VPS. Please look into the matter and help me out if you can.

  29. CHIKI ARIAS says

    install stalker middleware iptv portal in ubuntu 14.04

  30. stelios zaxarioudakis says

    Can someone install me the stalker middleware in linux ubuntu 14.4 LTS

  31. RahaianSebastian2000 says

    Hi my friend, i am not able to download from Github the stalker version. It says not found.,. please help me!

  32. nvila2011 says

    Hi, need help in setting up. please message me on skype. "markmaity@gmail.com"

  33. Smart IPTV Billing Panel says

    IPTV Billing Portal for stalker- Smart IPTV Billing Panel Or System is an IPTV Billing Portal for Stalker Middleware that manages IPTV Subscriptions & Billing automatically or manually. Order Now;-https://www.whmcssmarters.com/iptv-billing-system/

  34. BiGKinGx19 says


  35. Jan L. says

    Hey Nikolai, can you help me with that too? Can u contact me? Greets Jan

  36. cotne margvelashvili says

    Nikolai can you help me how to install this soft, I dont't find installation file and it is your skype fname "nikolinov gogolinov"

  37. Lorena villanueva says

    can you help me install minister panel?

  38. leandro garcia says

    hello someone helps me install the portal version 5.3.0 and because I get the old portal and not the new solution thanks

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