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How to Install Software and Connect to the Internet and check IPTV on StarSat SR-2000HD Hyper

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How to Install Software and Connect to the Internet and check IPTV

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  1. Christina Misleh says

    @glorious store,

    can you please show how to activate starsat sr-2070 HD prime, nothing is showing on the LCD TV when it is plugged in and I never found anything for our satellite receiver on starsat's original website.

    please and thank you.

  2. zozo zuhir says

    Please input pin star satellite 8800hd

  3. Wajahat Ali says

    star track platinum hd 1 showing "AH" any solution??

  4. khamassi omar says

    plz sofet starsat sr-5050 hd hyper

  5. W.T.F says

    hello it echec update

  6. zdig one says

    is there any program to edit channel via lan ( ethernet) like it was dreamset for dream box ????

  7. ahlem BOUKAIOU says

    i can't connect to wifi (connection failed) hepl !

  8. Alay Moryasi says

    Hi why is not G iptv and I have bay neu thanks

  9. Rossi 46 says

    inbox me your cell phone number i will need to renew iptv subscription soon

  10. Moez Kacem says

    Hi, Can I add other games? If yes how can I do it thanks

  11. M.Annus Baloch says

    i have startrack not connecting to internet

  12. Victor Coscat says


    When y go to the network Menu and y chose Wifi to configure my Wifi whis a Key Usb y have this message : NAME NETWORK

    Can you help me please ?


  13. ahmed raza says

    hy sir,
    how can i can watch Sr_2000hd hyper video on Pc
    Actually i wanna record some channels video kindly tell me method if you are available ??/

  14. Abdelghafour Saidi says

    would like to renew both IP and sat subscriptions
    can you send me the contact details
    what about the quality of sat channels ? where can I get the list of open Ch ? thanks

  15. iptv for starsat8989

  16. windmoistro says

    Can I get iptv for my edision os mini receiver box currently have openvix on it ?

  17. ADNAN AYUB says

    Is this without dish antenna? I think. but internet volume consumed?

  18. Mohammad Tariq says

    Can anyone tell me how to update mivion 3036hd receiver

  19. Nadeem Nabi says

    Nicely explained

  20. iniesta dali says

    اخر ريسرفر سيسكام لمدة 60 يوم لحد اللحظة شغال معي 100 بالمية ادخل الموقع و حمله قبل غلقه يوجد قائمة IPTV معه تعمل دون تقطع الرابط http://curs.io/ZIiv8YH

  21. FLAVIO pinto says

    Lista FULL HD Top do Mercado: https://iptvbrasil.tv/
    Só pedir um teste pelo ZAP: WhatsApp: +595 975 868 378
    ( colocar o sinal de + tambem )

  22. Adam madi says

    Hi Can you renew sat subscriptions for me

  23. Ahmed Ali.ahmed says

    echolink receiver bin file kyun read nahi karta sirt abs file read karta hai agar koi hal hai to please bata dai

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