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How to add a Super Reseller Plan- Smart IPTV Billing Panel 3.0 for Xtream Codes

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Reseller Plan: The Product is bought by person who wants to become to Super Reseller.

Login to Admin area – Navigate to Setup – Products / Services – Products/Services

Click on Create A New Group ( skip if you have already created a group )

✔ Product Group Name= Anything ( suggested: Super Reseller Plans )

✔ Product Group Headline – anything ( eg. Select Your Perfect Product )

✔ Save changes ( leave other things as default )

Click on Add A New Product and enter the required fields
✔ Product Type : Other

✔ Product Group : select your group you have created already (e.g: Super Reseller Plans)

✔ Product Name = Anything ( Suggested Name : Super Reseller Plans)

✔ Product Description = anything (Tip: List of features can be descripted here)

✔ Uncheck this option – Require Domain – Very Important.​

✔ Click on the next Tab – Pricing

✔ Payment Type : Monthly Or One Time ( Mostly : One Time )

✔ Product Price : You can setup your price ( Example : 500.00 )

✔ Go to next Tab – Module Settings and configure it

Module Name – Select “Xtream Code”

Server Group – Select that you have created earlier” (e.g Xtream Servers ) – if the Server group is not found then click here to see doc how to add a server group)

Product Type – Super Reseller Account

Select Xtream Super Reseller Group : Select here your super reseller group that is created in your X.C Panel ( it will create a reseller under this selected group in X.C Panel when product is purchased ) ( mostly used : resellers as a super group)

Start up Credits for Resellers :Enter Number of credits to the reseller account as soon as they get enrolled[Reseller](e.g : 200)

Select this option: Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received .

Save it

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