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Goodfellas 2.0 installation for kodi 17.4/ 17.3 | The best free IPTV addon for local channels

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The goodfellas addon is the best free iptv addon to watch local channels and more!!

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  1. gmotif6 says

    So it’s back?

  2. pimpersun says

    Boss good stuff

  3. Stephen Cornelious says

    Excellent job

  4. BigBoi Philly says

    I'm diggin' your videos, but I'm brand spanking new to this. So, my issue is that I have a 'build' already in, but I want the Goodfellas Add-on. I followed the instruction you gave before starting in on this video. I got loss and confused with what was popping up as I followed along with your video. Can ya help a newbie out, pleeeease?? ???

  5. If it wasn't for the fact that I already have IPTV from ACE TV, maybe I'd consider using Goodfellas if they cut out sportsdevil.

  6. Milagros Mendez says

    Thank you Triple M, liked and shared?

  7. Ganesh Gurung says

    Hello mate can you tell good link for any sport channels please thank you

  8. Donald Cari says

    Love this add on

  9. Donald Cari says

    Umm nothing in ur url for Iptv service

  10. NEW YORK GIANTS says

    Thanks triple m anybody know about solo man frauding people is this really true?

  11. Carmadean Carmadean says

    Hi Triple M
    I installed Goodfellas as you instructed, but it also needs Specto…Fork in order for it to get movies. I tried to install specto…fork, but it will not allow me to, because it says "failed to install a dependency" My question is; Why Will it allow me to install f4m tester, sports devil and Goodfellas, but not Spect…Fork, although I already had f4m test and Sports Devil previously installed due to other addons that required it? Need your help ASAP ?

  12. C.Bestshh SillBeast says

    Alright Man thank you for that. Hope everything's coming in back in order down there faster than expected I hope I know that you're doing okay but I know that there's still some issues further down and with out power so good luck and God bless to all those and great video very descriptive and thorough on the educational side I shared it but I liked it and appreciate it

  13. van smack says

    The heading for this video should be local NEWS channels. It's misleading. I thought I would be getting local 24 hour programming from each channel.

  14. Andrew Dickson says

    I had Good Fellas installed from the beginning however live TV CHANNELS NEVER WORKED FOR ME !!!!

  15. Mirna Jimenez says

    specto isnt working

  16. MrKennyaa says

    why can't i find gf anymore .someone explain

  17. bill dowtrey says

    Getting sports devil error

  18. melsidda says

    I keep getting a "failed to install a dependency" error

  19. Macaulay Alves says

    Why isn’t the CW on Goodfellas???

  20. dinitcaify says

    Is this the free version or the paid version. I noticed some of the channels you clicked on did not work

  21. Stockdog 101 says

    It’s not working I keep getting an error

  22. SilverShadow2LWB says

    Thanks. This site appears to no longer be functional. Can you either provide an update or take this video down for it is not current or misleading. Thanks. I will continue to follow your excellent videos.

  23. bubamonks 619 says

    It won’t let me download f4mtester

  24. MORBID says

    Doesnt work anymore

  25. Mycol Bartlett says

    Nice content … but it's now Outdated 1/15/18. Always read comments first.

  26. rooga85 says

    Goodfellas is getting a error check log message

  27. SHELL PERRY says

    Getting goodfellas error

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