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  1. Denise M. Edwards says

    Can't find the group, Do you have to add me yourself?

  2. Rob Bob says

    Any issues with VOD, I run this on stalker, it hangs on VOD for last 20 movies

  3. Dedstik says

    Great job Fred. There are so many IPTV choices. I'd really like your opinion on which IPTV (even premium services) are the most reliable. Thanks.

  4. muhamad zafar says

    how do u install it bro pls

  5. Jason Cleaver says

    Hey Fred I'm using ace Tv in uk as u reviewed last week it's really good for uk ?? users
    Thanks for your advice

  6. Harald Landwehr says

    This is big Bullshit for sports fans. Just one Fox Sports regional channel and no CSN regional sports channels. At least five other IPTV services do have them all…

  7. Raymond Esteves says

    Great job like always keeping it real

  8. Jason Williams says

    Hello, What is the stb model you are using for stbemu? Or did you just change the background color for mag254 within the app?

  9. F. T. says

    I am using a Mag 256w1 and want to watch Albanian channels. Can you help me?


  11. Jason Cleaver says

    Fred we'll fight them on the beaches they won't take our Fred down ??

  12. Hassan Said says

    Thank you Fred. I'd really like your opinion on which iptv are the most reliable. but how can i get this channels ?

  13. kalikid111 says

    Whats the best iptv that doesnt buffer or at least rarley.

  14. Nico Agostino says

    Fred you make my days brother

  15. Michael Zindler says

    Great videos Fred. I couldn't find your new face book group "Honest Fred Fosu and Friends". I'm looking for a cheap and reliable iptv service.

  16. TheBlooRayChannel says

    What's the web address to this provider? Excellent video as per!

  17. Tanvir Hussain says

    Another Good Video, Thanks Honest

  18. fkxStudios says

    Check out also my channel – For HD & 4K live channels 🙂

  19. baltimore says

    I have this on my mag box and switching channels is definitely no way near this speed as your shield.

  20. baltimore says

    Would be great fred if you do your reviews on a mag box occasionally. 99% of your subscriber's wouldnt have top of range nvidea as you do. Seeing you channel surf so effortless & saying its the quickest of all iptv sevices made me subscribe yesteday for 1mth. Its incredibly sluggish on mag 254 with channels. I have fast internet and use ethernet to. I foolishly did the same with nitro tv after watching your review.What garbage that was, servers down,non stop freezing etc. Ipguys and voodoo still the best.

  21. Ufuoma Fiki Josh Ogodo says

    This is another great IPTV review by a brother and legend Fred. Bro keep doing your great work…We your YouTube subscribers love what you are doing.

  22. Osaigbokan Uwaifo says

    how do i subcribe to this ?? any links ?

  23. Denman Choice says

    The more Canadian Channels the better. Looks interesting. Thanks Fred……..

  24. william garcia says

    hi fred:what stb emulator are you using? thanks

  25. da aikenator says

    Hi Fred, I'm a box dealer in South Carolina. I'm looking to offer a iptv service to offer my customers. Who do you recommend me to go with?

  26. حسن المغربي says

    what's minimun internet speed needed to run this without any freeze ?

  27. blueforflower says

    – How can I get this channel list on my Media Player ( Kodi 17.3). Please give me the link of this iptv channel list. Thanks.

  28. Vinay Mehta says

    I have a android box with Android 6 and 2gb ram.i have also high speed internet.

  29. Chris Mcdaniel says

    where do you go to get gold?

  30. sta1984 says

    There's a Link for another Gold IPTV that I thought was the one you've reviewed above! Obviously, the wrong one

    So be careful friends, I wish you'd given the right Link for this IPTV?

  31. Steff Eddie says

    Vid is informative.. thnx

  32. xTeChNiQuEz1 says

    in title it says gold iptv but in video on demand your mentioned that its crown tv which one is it? because i have crown tv but it doesnt have live hindi channels.

  33. luis martinez says

    What is the best iptv service, in your opinion

  34. nigmafrost says

    its punjabi not punjami

  35. jonesvargashp says

    Whats the code for the adult section ?

  36. Ahmed Cool says

    Thanks mr honest for educating us, how can i subscribe for gold iptv.

  37. Mohammad Abou J says

    hello friend, i have a question for you, how can i get russian channels and wich is the best programme IBTV ? and how can try tv for free or buy the programme? thx freds

  38. TryThisOut kids says

    I am using M8S Pro (leelbox) and using gold iptv. initially it worked fine , but now a days i am not able to watch all the channels. like Discovery/kids channels/ to name a few , are not running  . when ever i launch those channels, it jumps to one another channel. I complained about it to subscriber but he is saying i have to change the box. i purchased this box in july 2017 (android 6.1, it's new) . moreover , say 100 out of 500 channels are running fine with no issue, then why rest others are not. it cannot be that the box is having issue , else it should not have been functional for 100 channels too. is my understanding correct or do i need to think moving away from this iptv service provider or do i need to seriously buy another box now ? any suggestion ?

  39. Ferrach says

    Man I'm losing my mind. My uncle paid for 3 months and I can't figure out how to get it on his Fire Tv

  40. Riz P says

    Damn no global Calgary and dejaview 🙁

  41. mani1098 says

    Guys don't subscribe Gold IPTV caz they will hostage your Mac address .

  42. Blueface Purple says

    hey fred.. all of my channels are showing up BLANK / BLACK .. do i need to change some settings?

  43. Mycol Bartlett says

    I have GF service and use Perfect Player just fine with the search and favorites feature. I like that guide you show here and want to check it out, I think. I tried the Vader guide beta in Qoti and the VOD load was too much for my box … and I don't even have a build on it. Just addons.

  44. raymond deguzman says

    How to install that on firestick? Thanks

  45. Wolverine Marvel says

    Could you provide a link or services provider webpage for this GOLD IPTV?

  46. doulat kanchwala says

    I have crown iptv subscription for 2 months today doesn’t have sound I tried unplugging but no luck please help

  47. Ziy Mohs says

    Hello I am looking for Smith channel Anyone knows if goldtv has it or not or which server I should get to have thatThank

  48. Gavin Gardiner says

    Do need vpn for uk nitro need vpn

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