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Gears TV IPTV Service. (More Detailed Look)

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This is Gears TV IPTV service. Hands down the best IPTV service today. I’m a admin and reseller for them. We work hard at what we do and provide the best IPTV service that’s out today. Some may wanna say other wise. But they are wrong. You can purchase through us directly. Or through me where I’m a reseller. Which ever. Just as long as you become apart of the gears tv family! So if you like what you see. Let me know.

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  1. Steve Reina says


  2. April Williams says


  3. JayBaddd says

    Hi, Kodi Guru! I have asked Target (Omar) about this and never have received an answer. Until about 3 weeks ago, Buzzr was on the USA Channels list but is now not there. It was to be on Reloaded. Do you know if Buzzr is coming back, especially for Reloaded? I am getting closer to getting financial issues resolved to move forward and sign up. I am also on both the Facebook Gears TV and Reloaded TV groups. Please let me know when you can. Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!

  4. Aquarius Brown says

    how much is this service with and without the proguide

  5. Angel and Alex says

    Is there an option for multiple devices?

  6. DroneBob says

    HOw do I purchase Gears TV right now?

  7. Melissa Senerchia says

    How do I purchase?

  8. Melissa Senerchia says

    Love this! Although the Yes channel loads to a roku menu. NHL network seems frozen.

  9. Nancy says

    Interested. Please let me know asap. TY!

  10. coreyandy5 says

    Are you Mark from the group? I notice the same avatar. Keep up the great work!

  11. bigcountryjd says

    Does this include over the air broadcast channels? Ie local channels around portland or?

  12. Ivanka Humpalot says

    How stable is this service

  13. Shawn Schroeder says

    Kodi Guru…. I am interested in purchasing… please email me @ shawnschroeder@gmail.com

  14. A. Rodriguez says

    How do I sign up

  15. Daniel Formosa says

    Do you have italian channels?

  16. Azzurri4Life says

    Hi, is there the NHL Center Ice package, I notice NFL ticket and MLB Xtra Innings but no hockey??

  17. maurice garrett says

    Hi Kodi Guru
    Does Gears have on demand yet so i can watch previous shows and seasons ?

  18. Anthony Rose says

    What is Reloaded and Streams r us??? Do we need it if we already have Gears??? And how much is it??

  19. Chris Zuniga says

    How do I become a reseller

  20. LeRoy says

    Heard NBA and NFL is gone. True?

  21. Hugo Quintero says

    What streaming boxes,does,it,work on?

  22. Amber Zinck says

    Could you please send me a free trial I'm VERY interested in Gears TV but I would like to try before I buy.

  23. Anthony Hornsby says

    How do I purchase

  24. Mark Bruce says

    If u forget password what do you do

  25. Don Mckinney says

    Does this one buffer as well? I've tried Vader and I have a wired connection and my speed is 1Ghz fiber. But Vader freezes alot so I'm wondering if gears does as well?

  26. Mike mcdonough says

    Do you have to be in Kodi to have pro guide

  27. All eyes on you 78 says

    I found this website stating that its cheap to purchase subscription.. How legit is it?

  28. Nick Knotts says

    Just became a member. Awesome service. Simple, has everything I want, & the streams actually WORK! 😀

  29. Kodi Guru says

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  30. Warren Alfonso says

    Works good

  31. Timmy Sundara says

    Do you have an email address ? I’m looking to purchase

  32. Kodi Guru says

    IF you're looking for a great VOD service that is not used in kodi. Check out my video and if you like what you see. Join my FB group Page. https://youtu.be/gNFCz8_DaBw

  33. Halim Bey says

    So how do I get this ?

  34. bricktime1 says

    I want to become a reseller, need a little help.

  35. Dwayne Hinton says

    Is there any free trials b4 I pay money

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