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Free Cable TV IPTV On The Apple TV And iPhone With The TV Streams App

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If you want free Cable TV on the Apple TV and your iOS device then I have the App for you. TV Streams App allows you to load up IPTV channels on your iOS device and then the channels will automatically sync across to the app on your Apple TV 4. You can then watch all of those free cable channels right there on your big screen absolutely free. In this video I will show you how to get the app, how to use it and even how to find premium IPTV channels for free. The app has two versions a free version and a paid version and the developer of the app was kind enough to give me two codes for the paid version of the app and so I am going to give them away. To win on of the codes just follow me on Twitter and then leave your Twitter handle in the comments and if you win I will direct message you with the code.
TV Streams App:
TV Streams Website:
Kodi v17 Krypton TVOS IPA File :
Make Kodi On The Apple TV 4 Last Forever

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  1. hasant921 says

    God bless you

  2. Jessica Telles says

    Hey Larry do you still recommend the paid version app for this???

  3. Alexander R. says

    So i paid $2.99 for the APP. I used the pastebin link and got channels, worked great. However, recently I go into the app and no channels load. Do I need to get a new pastebin link? Or where do I go? Thanks for the help #blkphoto @blkphoto

  4. Anas Hamed says

    wasting of time

  5. MIKE says

    hi Larry, thank you for all your great videos. But I have a question, 'm from Switzerland and I would love getting back HBO or StarMovies when I do this was I only get NAS Public NasaA Media International… University,,,,,, and 360 North.. why is that and have you got a way for me to look at does channel please?

  6. spera says

    This is so cool!

  7. Lovenmeee says

    @lovenmeee 🙂 have a great day 🙂

  8. K Butler says

    Are you getting money from these apps? I did one of your other ones, and it was useless. I wasted $2.99

  9. Michael Mitchell says


  10. lu bui says

    you gotta buy the app for 2.99?

  11. Andrew Allen says

    no canada any more 🙁

  12. King Natsu says

    Will this work for the USA still??? & will I be able to watch a live football game if it's on now

  13. Hassan Gareeballa says

    what is the best IPTV player for apple tv 4, there are a number of paid application. ?! thanks

  14. ganga pathak says

    I like to install on my Apple TV 4th,how can I downloaded load on it and see free channel

  15. steven jimenez says

    hi , exist another web to download that kind of list? sorry for my english… regards from Costa Rica

  16. Jerre says

    Hi! Does this also work for an Apple TV 3? And does it matter in which country you are?

  17. Da One Mike Lowry says

    Have you eve check of this working just in the States?

  18. Gary Anderson says

    This don’t work paid 2.99 for the app copied and paste and it didn’t load or nothing

  19. Dilshan Abeysekera says

    Great App

  20. Yakoe Nicol Tablado says

    on their website you got like 100 countries, I only have like 10. any idea why?

  21. Hassan Rehima says

    Horrible job and waste of time! You didn’t even explain how to download the app. You knew the link you posted is not working and it is a scam! Why you waste our time! Unsubscribe

  22. Jasmin Akter says

    can its get kickout

  23. Jen Watson says

    I'm not having any luck, waste of time and money!!

  24. Brandon Carr says

    $2.99 for the app, and installed and added links that were posted 2 hours ago, and NONE of them work…

  25. Patrick Madigan says

    Today (Oct.29, 2017) I went to the TVSTREAMSAPP.com and I did not find the 'United States' listed. Can you help with this problem?

  26. Jamal Al-Khayyat says


    I have installed IPTV on my apple tv but i get a message on the screen saying (please unlock), why i got it and how to remove it?

  27. *Sylvia QezRod says

    Hello, I was just wondering why does it tell me that it requires Feedlix? I did download it but it still tells me the same thing. I'm not savy with this but maybe you can help me out.

  28. Axel Thasler says

    It works. Thanks for this description!

  29. Anda 'n Radu says

    Dumb fuck, this is nothing bur a waste of time! Take this shit down, everyone is wasting they're time fucking ashole

  30. Patrick Madigan says

    No listing for the United States… =(

  31. Patrick Madigan says

    I have an iPhone 5s.

  32. Patrick Madigan says

    The World Channel list has NO listing for the United States. Plus the app is a monthly subscription. So it is NOT free as you claim it to be. Kodi is $2.49/month cost. NOT FREE !!!!

  33. michelle grooms says

    will this work on a android tablet?

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