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New KODI Addon that started a new service for Live TV using KODI and offers some fantastic Live TV Channels such CBS, ABC, Fox Sports, HBO, Hallmark, CNN, MLB, NFL, ESPN and more
Use the video Guide to get the service for free. Otherwise, you can always contact the developer to offer you a fantastic premium access

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  1. Bruce Carey says

    i wouldnt mind paying a small fee for the extra channels. only problem, i dont have twitter. i dont plan on creating an account, just for this addon…

  2. Cristiane Patricia says

    thanks man you the best i got

  3. Makeup Lover says

    Hush am I don't know why is giving me " wrong credential " what should I do ?

  4. Amanpreet Singh says


  5. RUgonnaGO m-eyeWAY says

    any suggestion on keeping the app from closing so often? P.S. I'm not complaining lol

  6. Nathan Brown says

    Thank you sir!

  7. Russell Spitzer says

    thank you sir

  8. Russell Spitzer says

    is this free forever?

  9. Russell Spitzer says

    it is buffering on some channels

  10. NBA NBA says

    it plays for about a minute then stops and go back to the addon menu…. anybody can help me out? thanks

  11. Jay Watson says

    No longer working. Wrong credential . Free200 is no longer working.

  12. ko89124 says

    When will another free hd live tv addon be available

  13. Nicholas Arrowood says

    Account was banned as of 10/26

  14. John Danso says

    Status: Banned, What should I do?

  15. Teresa Mungarro says

    Looks like this addon has been shut down and is now dead with noting in it whatsoever. Does anyone else have the same problem? I'm using firestick with 17.4 and I live in Los Angeles area.

  16. Dwight Walker says

    no working Free200 status banned

  17. BigFredddy68 says

    The password and username don't work

  18. David Boyd says

    Why doesn't it work any more

  19. Bram Ng says

    Hey guys,

    You can find the Extreme Streams twitter account at the following link:


  20. willy segers says

    Your greath Sir thank you

  21. John Danso says

    Thank you. I would have to open twitter accounts

  22. Tracey Reid says

    Gathering the promotion is over, as I went to go to play a channel and it's coming up as "banned" expired October 26.

  23. Keith Poisant Sr. says

    I guess I just wasted my time?! "Wrong credentials" maybe first 200k should be free.

  24. Murph Almighty says

    Not working

  25. Saeid Farahabadi says

    it worked only 3 weeks

  26. Dee Embry says

    How come it's not working anymore

  27. Jorge Guambo says

    Hi. Is this still working ? There are more than 200 comments. Thanks

  28. Crno Mane says

    need to login account

  29. Timothy Brady says

    Unfortunately Extreme Streams only lasted a few weeks before expired. Too bad.

  30. Sule Dean says

    so how much does your service cost for the free200 channels. Very interested. please get back to me asap. ty

  31. Michael Escamilla says

    Bye Felicia. Still looking for those channels! Hasham! What's next baby?

  32. Hasan Zukanovic says

    What is the now password is not working anymore

  33. kopcsi100 says

    Pin ???????

  34. Marcio Rocha says

    Free200 has been banned. Doesn't work anymore…

  35. bat-ami Hayo says

    Hi…the repository is empty…there is no live tv channels??

  36. Justin McCarthy says

    I am getting a pop up that says "Unable to connect" "Couldn't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyways?" when I go to add the source. I am connected to the internet.

  37. GuelphRacing says

    account is banned

  38. John Dorian says

    Thank you

  39. giggimaster says

    Not working :/

  40. RMS838 says

    Account is banned. Live TV inside wrong credentials.

  41. démasqué algeria says

    Hello, I'm banned, how I can contact you. Best regards and thanks,

  42. patricio varas says

    Don't work

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