Kodi IPTV Service Providers
  1. Shannon Moreland says

    Solo Man, I enjoy your videos. I like to get off the money pit cable and build a media system that my family can enjoy from the comforts of their bedrooms or where there is a TV in the house. Can you let me know the equipment I need for 4 tvs and programs. My kids enjoys Disney and we like watching our shows on AMC, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, Local channels, CBS, FOX, ABC. I sent a email.

  2. nav gboxtt says

    Other than importing the list on Kodi.. If you all are using Android devices you all can get IPTV pro or IP extreme apk and install it then import the m3u file an play it… dont necessarily need to import it and use it within kodi….

  3. Viviana Lam says

    Am I receiving a box with the $59.99 or am I paying for my own url? I received the same url 3 times in the same receipt. I don't have an android box, and the installation did not take place. I guess my next step is to get the box. Is there a $20 monthly subscription as well? Please advice. Thank you very much.

  4. Del tweedie says

    Can you tell me why by box, when i add a addon from zip and when i try to go to my repo add on i have to reboot every time. this has happening with six boxa i have set up

  5. Robert Williams says

    Buffering badly. Any advice?

  6. Roberto Antunez says

    is there any tv guide for this.???

  7. Dimas Cosme says

    Saludos desde green bay wi.touctone there too??

  8. Pola says

    ☺☺ Cccam Server & Free Iptv 2017 ☺☺

  9. hishal nagindas says

    Does this have Indian channels and USA CBS West and East?

  10. David Cohen says

    I love this iptv. How can I get epg and logos to it? Please help!!

  11. Anonymous says

    How do you get guide on it

  12. Darryl W. says

    I have Gears IP TV, works well for the most part. Whats the best that you all have found?

  13. John Clayton says

    How can I get tech support for these guys? The website says it has "Fox News HD" but it is not in the list after I paid.

  14. thomas spoon says

    This service works great!

  15. A BROWN says

    how much device can I use with on this

  16. Ramiro Diaz says

    Pregunta, está lista es estable y ellos tienen películas de estreno y pasada. Y una ves que uno es cliente ellos tienen cómo contactarlos por su se van algunos canales, y si también tienen un addon para kodi?
    Gracias por el video.

  17. Lara King says

    U r best

  18. rob franco says

    Hey solo first thanks for your videos they help us a lot.

    So now I have the IPtv for about 4months and now I had to disconnect my tv and the put it back once I reconnect my box the channels disappeared and I even tried to uninstall and install again kodi however with no success there is anything I could do?
    If there is any specific thing to do pls make a video or contact me by email I will really appreciate thanks and keep it up the great job

  19. Brett Gulliver says

    Solo you're awesome. How can you install this iptv while also running an ares build?

  20. Tommy Daly says

    Solo Man, you are my go-to cable cutting hero, I need help. We use Kodi of course and would like to watch live TV, not just old movies. When I open any addon, and open "live" TV channels, they lag and buffer until they stop. I have very fast internet speed BTW. How do we begin with an IPTV so my wife can watch TV shows? Thanks Solo

  21. Karl Herbold says

    I dont have a TV link in my kodi for some reason… using a x96 min 2gb… any advice… Yhe TV is missing.. I have programs movies weather etc

  22. jypseejynn says

    HA!!! I love that Solo Man and TouchTone know each other.

  23. Jack Benedett says

    Ya thats great, for a donation of 59 bucks then you get an m3u url.

  24. Ricardo Salgado says

    Hello Soloman tengo una pregunta pague los 60 dollars for the url pero nada más tengo 3 canales en español ? Me podrías ayudar por favor.

  25. marcus vocke says

    Link was working for 1 week. And they dont answer on emails.

  26. John Meinke says

    Do you recommend any free links? I know you said they aren't good. But just to get started. I only watch sports

  27. Ryan Lowrie says

    The link no longer works, you get a 404 error message. Is easy4utv.com finished? Will there be a new website for them?

  28. chizzilla751 says

    This worked great for a couple months but now I have 0/0 channels with a year "donation" of $59.99. Like the last person mentioned the url has a 404 error when you try and click on it. Any help is greatly appreciated, love your tutorials.

  29. Hector Villegas says

    Be careful here they promote these people they charge US 60 for one year of service and after a week they no longer work and there is no one to complain to.

  30. Hector Villegas says

    Easy4you is not so easy they steal the money you pay for the service

  31. sandra stembridge says

    What is best iptv for sd. My Internet is slow.

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